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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
Candle Cort
Candle Cort
Candle Cort
She is the most original and outstanding Spanish hats designer, therefore the Museum of the Suit has finished with offering him this exhibition under the title "The art of flying according to Candle Cort", that will remain opened until the next April 26. Candle Cort (Madrid, 1959) is a prodigious maker in the hats, the jewels, the photo... He studied Fine arts and his plastic and esthetic sense they have no end. The current exhibition includes hats, hairdos and manipulated icons of the Art history. The Commission of the sample belongs to Valérie De Baeque and Dora Revinski Munch.
The materials do not have why to be noblemen to the old custom. For Candle Cort, the raffia, the metal, the mesh, the tulle, the velvet … can be allied by an unusual familiarity to create a haughty clothing in the head. To show a hairdo or a hat of this designer in a wedding or social event, is to do bingo before the looks of all. Light and avant-garde, his creations reflect a certain sense of adventurousness and good humor, without losing the elegance. Is there his secret.

With a hat of Candle Cort it does not pass unnoticed. It is necessary to be decided to take them so timid, to abstain. He likes inspiring in the clients who are going to show the designed pieces, but sometimes there are the proper materials what they invigorate his ingenuity. She is a daring and big artist at the same time. In Ascot they would fight for it. In fact, it has carried out despampanantes hats for the movies, the theater and the opera. Ángela Molina showed extra his in The postgraduate.

Although the photo was his specialty, especially it would publicize, Candle Cort reflects a big sculptural sense to create artistic volumes that attract the retinas. In this exhibition, the artist works also the big portraits of the art history and the traviste with the bravery of his designs. The heads of the portraits of Cranach, Clouet, Rubens, Modigliani, Manet or Whistler reappear with the manipulative apropiacionismo of the designer. A new work in which the art plays with the art.
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