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Cecile Sarkozy dresses herself of Prada
For: Writing ASMODA
The wife of the President of France, is being criticized by the fact of dressing itself of Prada, an Italian signature instead of French, something that the Gallic chauvinists cannot support. Pero Cecile Sarkozy, a beautiful, slender woman and mother of three children have been defended also by other informers on having remembered that in an European Community and an encompassed world, the facts and national information of the signatures remain diluted.
Installed in France Of Prada it is a more and the big French signatures like Christian Dior y Chanel have designers English and German respectively. John Galliano and Karl Lagherfeld are the respective men who decide about the famous French fashionable signatures nowadays.

Paris receives the couturiers

Christian Lacroix is the French only one that he designs today for his own signature; an artist of the fashion that is inspired often in the Spanish tradition, fundamentally in Andalusia. Yves Saint Laurent stopped designing his clothes to surrender directly to the foundation that takes his name and that does periodic exhibitions of the different periods or styles that marked his trajectory.

The Spanish Balenciaga did career and fortune in Paris as capital of the fashion and, although today Milan is in strong combat with the French capital, a respect will always deserve Paris if in turn it is capable of receiving as it does foreign designers like the Maghrebi Azedine Alaia or to the Japanese Kenzo.

Cecile Sarkozy has done his option because it takes many years dressing of Prada, since the director of the signature is his friend, likewise Helen Benarroch is a friend of Sonsoles Espinosa and marks the rules. The fashion is a freedom and style. They are in his election right like the rest of the mortal ones whenever they do not turn in women announcement. Queen Sophia also likes to dress of Valentino, although spent by the hands of the Spanish seamstresses, the sisters Molinero.

Cecile, descendant of the Spanish musician Albéniz (there was music of this composer at once of investiture of the president, of course chosen by him in honor of his wife), occupies first place of mayor Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, has had to support the magnifying glass of the experts in fashion on the first lady. Let's not forget that the president Sarkozy adores Cecile, and has declared more than once that “she is the woman of his life”.

For Gemma Piñana (Correspondent in Paris).
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