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For: Josefina Figueras
Jesus del Pozo is a romantic and personal creator with a rare intuition to obtain a few geometric and essential designs that rarely fit to the conventional tendencies of the moment. His collection for the winter 2006-07 shows us a few subtle pledges, without false abundance, with his inevitable oriental touch.
In his beginning, in the middle of the 70s, of the Well it was doing fashion for man and his skill and good taste for the masculine fashion more sport impregnate some models of this collection in his branch and urban. For the days more winter colds it has presented a few supercomfortable gabardines lined with skin. Also we find the masculine air in some pants that they emphasize between two ends for which it makes to think up this pledge: cigaret or very wide. Some jackets get together with vests and the velvet blazers – one of his favorite textiles – go so far as even to accompany some night suits.

His most commercial facet is foreseen in a few simple sets of skirt and blouse and in a few garments of simple line with the skirt covering exactly the knee. With the sight put in the proper cold of the station of the Well it always creates a few wide and functional, some overcoats without buttons and closed by a bond in that his love shines clearly for the oriental style that we discover also in his big jackets and in his jerséis of a warm point mohair that will gain all the battles against the cold.

The coloring of this collection is of a big serenity and elegance: ivories, gray variegated, blue Prussia, but the best thing there are the effects of the miscellanies of tones that of the Well he handles with mastery and that are one of his signs of identity: combinations of colors so unlike as ocher, green, and blue join audaciously in some models of superposed pledges of an esthetic suppressed high place simultaneously that practical.

The used textiles – point, velvet, silk, cotton, wools mohair – give elegance to pledges much you structure in those that there emphasizes the purity of the design of this creator. Some jackets, more fellings ahead, they are projected in the flight towards the back. The drapeados and the gathers campean in his court garments empire with a boss too much repeated along the collection, but that they give a personal touch to the style empire, which we see with so many profusion in the fashion of this autumn - winter.

There is in this collection none of the deifying models to which of the Well it had us habitual and that were closing often his collections but his long night suits, of soft fall, molding the figure are of a big exquisiteness.
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