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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Pedro del Hierro
Pedro del Hierro
Pedro del Hierro
Pedro del Hierro
Pedro del Hierro
The collection for this autumn / winter of Pedro del Hierro is the consequence of a general look of the fashion towards the past, without losing this touch of elegance that characterizes all his proposals: impeccable court, favoring silhouettes, comfortable textiles. This time the retro-futurism (those pledges that formerly we were thinking that we would shine in the future) triumphs in a very feminine collection of pronounced structures.
The power of the 80, with the influence of the icons of the rock and of selected cinematographic heroes of movies requested in the 80s and beginning of the 90, as Fahrenheit, “Blade runner”, Dune or Stargate, re-lives in the new collection characterized by straight and pronounced shoulders, waists in his place, importance of the sleeves, trapezoidal and architectural lines. The minimalism coexists with the maximalismo.

Of the Iron it is inspired in these myths of the movies to create opulent and elegant models: skirts pipe to the knee or I joust superficially with tweezers, tight garments that survive along with the free and short ones, jackets fitted with zippers and belts with warlike reminiscences, exact pants, short jackets of volume from the shoulder. Some touch grunge in wide pledges.

In contrast to the pure lines, the textiles and finished elected they are nevertheless overloaded: troquelados felts, velvets, velvetón cotton, lace of wool, silks, lúrex, smooth or with animal pattern, jacquards, crow's foot and geometric drawings.

The colors palette moves inside the margins marked by the retro-futurist tendency: over the whole black, smooth one or metallized, alone or cocktail with red burned, red I live, makeup, olive green, through blue, brown glacé and raw.

Details of big buttons, buckles and wide revers some and others with military neck. Black very dense averages accompanied by booties and boots of very high heel and rounded tops and cane abullonada.

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