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For: José F. Serra
Charo Peres
Elio Berhanyer
Javier Larrainzar
Juan Duyos
The Pavilion 5 of the Fair of Madrid has received a new edition of the contest “The thousand and weddings” organized for IFEMA for the first time. The whole world of products and wedding services and an important appointment for the fiancés who are going to marry in next dates. The statisticians say to us that the year 2008 200.000 marriages were celebrated in Spain close and that the expense of a wedding represents an average for 18.350 Euros.
According to the last information the budget dedicated to the buy of the wedding dress is located about 10 % of the whole. For something it is a key point of the ceremony and the fashionable signatures and the big designers dedicate an important part of his production. For a year 2010 the proposals move between delicate textiles as gasas, guipur, organza of silk with silver adornments and crystal and designs that point at the romanticism or at the purest style "vintage".

In the Footbridge, central point of this wide wedding event, there paraded the creations of Elio Berhanyer, Juan Duyos, Javier Larraínzar, Petro Valverde, Charo Peres, Camila Elbaz, Estrella Roch, Manuel Castillo … The fashion for them was represented by the signatures Felix Ramiro and Protocol.

Elio Berhanyer moved between a styles miscellany, very classic some with detachable designs and toreras of lace with French sleeve on smooth suits. Profusion of frills edged with strings of brilliant children. Pure white color or a discreet tone champagne

Petro Valverde inclines for the necklines in uve, the staggered frills, the lace and the long veils departing from the high of the head. Juan Duyos presents suits with unequal shallows and many asymmetries. The coloring goes from the pure target to a broken target. Javier Larraínzar chooses for the lace and for the suits of straight line with small sleeves, discreet tails, long veils and crystal applications

They emphasized the Novissima creations, a top company in the wedding dresses and in full international expansion. Charo Peres directs the team of design. His collection for 2010 presents profusion of drapeados, casings and abullonados of clear romantic inspiration. Between the suits of an entire target a model emphasized of the softest very original gray pearl.

In addition to the last proposals of the fashion the fiancés find in this contest, across 160 taking part companies, the offers and more attractive destinations for his honeymoon, live music, complements, invitations, lists of wedding proposals of catering and banquets. Everything necessary to be able to organize a nice wedding to the measurement of his possibilities.
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