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For: Josefina Figueras
Francis Montesinos
Francis Montesinos
Francis Montesinos
Francis Montesinos
Francis Montesinos
“My collection `Ucrania´ for the spring - summer 2009 pays tribute to the magic that transforms in seconds the light of the sky and his stars” Francis Montesinos says. In this so peculiar ambience it thinks up the chromatic scale of his models between blue, pink, gray tones, dusty tones and a few finished textiles that bring a touch of major innovation to his personalísimas creations. The gasas and organzas natives liven up his holiday models.
The collections of Wild have always been characterized by his folkloric roots, by an exuberant Mediterranean fantasy, but in the one that it has presented for the spring - summer of this year, without resigning any models that enter his habitual cánones, it has differed in an approach to the commercial area, in a more direct attention to the urban woman and to a few more functional proposals.

The handling of the point has been once again one of his best tricks. Shawls of crochet, garments, jackets exactly thickness, exactly of network or in more light others between the target and the blue tones. The fluid textiles have given a marvelous game to his wide, pleated skirts, abullonadas or with superpositions with flights of a length to evenness of the knee or to half a leg, shorter someone ahead that behind.

In his facet more "ponible" it has resorted to one of the key textiles, the denim, for combinations of denim style in skirts, wide pants and even in the boots, Sets combined with T-shirts of exotic patterns or with one of his invariable characteristics: his name stamped on the place most emphasized from the pledge.

The fluency of the textiles of thin cotton ó voile from silk they have emphasized in his dressed type bubble, with sleeves fallen down up to the arms leaving the shoulders to the overdraft or with asymmetric necklines and, often, with only one brace. For these models it has resorted to the vague patterns (the light of the sky and his stars) in blue tones that culminate in blue in the night for holiday with embroideries of golden jewels and silver.

Wild habitual, which there inspires in a folklorism miscellany absentee and scenes of the thousand and one night, has reappeared in the night models with organzas of pale colors in degradé with textiles and golden adornments. In them we have seen once again his reinterpretation of the fashion from a personal and innovative prism that has cost him along his already long trajectory awards as prestigious as the golden Medal to the Merit of the Fine arts.

The esthetics of this designer have always influenced the industry and the culture of the fashion. “Along all my career from 1972 - he affirms - I have insisted very much on the treatment of the fashion like one more discipline in the world of the art” This idea has moved it to his next collection for autumn - winter of this year that it has projected like a homage to Dalí and to the surealismo. A new simple proposal in his forms but rich in his miscellanies of fibres and sophisticated textiles. Wild he thinks that the fashion and the art have been and there will be always big Allied Forces and that the corporal language of the human being and his most sophisticated expression – the fashion - is reflected in all the artistic declarations.
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