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For: Ann Sánchez of the Granddaughter
For the public in general Anna Wintour, the powerful publisher of the magazine Vogue, is not a stranger. It has a face: that of fierce Miranda Priestley, personified by Meryl Streep in “The devil dresses himself of Prada”. The most powerful woman of the world of fashionable edition was the bad one of the movie. Now he is once again a protagonist of a documentary that penetrates day by day of a fashionable writing again.
Three years later, R.J. Cutler – a tanned documentary maker who till now had dived especially in the world of the politics - returns on the Wintour person with redemption desire but without any revenge slight sign. And test of it is his intelligent starter. “September issue” starts by showing a reality very similar to the one that it was reflecting “The devil dresses of Prada” to happen later to shell with a style of “movie theater verité” as it is the work of this woman.

The movie not for excessively in the personality of Anna Wintour – although there are some fragments that approach the personal life of the journalist - simply shows his work. The plot hook of the documentary is the preparation of the number it covers with stars of the magazine. That of September. Specifically, the edition of the year 2007 that was - and it keeps on being - the most important number of the publication with almost two kilos in weight and thirteen million readership.

From 300 hours of recording, the documentary reflects with realism every day of a fashionable writing. From the interests conflicts between photographers and editors, the egos struggles or the company almost impossible to choose the front. With a cuidadísima it photographs – big Award of the Jury to the cinematographic excellence in the last Sudance festival - and a very well taken rhythm, we are present at the parades, the meetings of photos or the discussions of the table of the writing. A world that proves to be interesting and deeper than it simulates his apparent frivolity. And in way the Wintour is taking the baton, working by the piece, taking sometimes unpopular decisions that end up by giving in the reveille, demanding and risking … and marking fashionable tendencies, meeting designers who ask him for advice, doing that a young dressmaker jumps to the reputation. After 90 minutes perhaps it has not eliminated the profile of the witch but the silhouette has been completed.

The almighty Vogue publisher will be an inaccessible and haughty person, but she is a hard-working, influential woman, capable of leading human teams and, especially, very intelligently. As this documentary. 

- Title: "The September Issue"
- The director: R.J. Cutler
- Interventions: Anna Wintour, Oscar de la Renta, Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier
- Duration: 90 minutes
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