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Laura Márquez is one of our designers of jewels more excellent. It is conciente of the importance that it has the called “author's jewel”, personalized and signed, opposite to the classic or serial one. The ideal thing is to have a jeweler with diverse signatures as a painting collection is had with different authors. Letizia Ortiz, before marrying the Prince of Asturias, was a client of Laura Márquez, designer who exhibits his pieces in the Jewelry shop / gallery of the street of Madrid of San Bernardo.
What is the philosophy of his creativity?

To make to come beauty, elegance and meaning to all the beings; taking a piece that it takes I conceal the whole message and simbología, according to the singularity of each one.

Like gemóloga: What are his favorite gems?

The tourmaline, the aquamarine, the diamonds and the rubies. Later all the gems of secret meaning and peculiar, ammolites, sapphires effect it covers with stars, alejandritas, zoisitas, opals, lapis lazuli …

Gold, silver, platinum?

Gold, platinum and silver …

What is it necessary to say about the design and the fashion in jewelry shop?

That one is working to obtain a recognition at the first national level … because international it is already had sometimes. But here it is always difficult that they recognize you in ‘house‘. I feel lucky, because there are great those who bet for me and my collections.

Is a jewel forever? Is not it necessary to modify?

Intrinsically not, it is true that a jewel is forever. But this does not mean that only one has to be had. We are evolving and changing, and that's why it is important to identify us being versatile, without he having to resign from something already acquired or slightly new. The past is ours and it is part of our present and our future but it does not indicate that we have to stick to ourselves to. Any change or evolution does not mean to resign from our origins and experiences …

What is the level of the jewelry shop in Spain? Very much or do I design little?

I believe that there is great one, but unknown, not very valued, and slightly supported.

Is the author's jewel quoted?

It depends, for that they understand it, they look for it and it comprises it. Those who do not have this artistic culture, value only the materials, do not know it and do not come to her. But it is changing little by little … does to him that cultural esthetics come to the people, and that they understand and value the art in general

What is the artist a jeweler who more admires?


If it had to do an exhibition: what Spanish and foreign designers would it select?

I realize exhibitions every month and a half … and we are always receiving new and innovative proposals. I have had big designers accompanying myself in my establishment and coming to my clients, and hope to keep on having to many other. It is one to flow of ideas, of art, of emotions and forms, in that to 'dress' all those persons that it seduces them feeling different and communicating something peculiar to the others.
Finally, many artists have accompanied me, many others accompany me and I hope that they should keep on realizing it, others, in the future. Both Spanish and foreign.

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