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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren
Tones pastries and gilded they alternate with the white glacier and tones ivories to create a vitalist and romantic proposal in rich textiles like the velvet of silk, the gauze, the cashmere and the wool and the brocaded and brilliant details. It is the proposal for this winter 2009/10 presented by Ralph Lauren in New York
Several lines in the same chic and glamorous collection are those that the American designer proposes, which he defines himself as a movie in four acts and which names: Modern nobility, Rosa Inglesa, Hereditary Bohemia and Oriental Odyssey.

There stand out the brilliant white persons like reflexes of snow, the tones pastries inspired by a melancholic English garden, the baroque details in the complements that make a set happy minimalista... The textiles miscellany - that marks tendency strongly - sees here silk and tulle very clear in the game of overcoats of tweed of newspaper, of wide revers and belt, on rich holiday garments in lamé.

* The Modern Nobility concentrates on a basically masculine inspiration: with tailors pants style Amazon, very wide in the thighs, and fitted with set of buttons in the ankles. It gets together with brilliant and free tops of velvet of silk, of effect sunflower. The tones that they order are the caramel, toasted, gray steely and dark browns.

* In the English Rose the tones pastries prevail: pink stick, mallows and silver sheens. Lauren proposes a miscellany of vests of pure wool in jacquard, with blazers of tweed and fluid pants in sateen. The neck is protected by scarves of complicated frills of silk as ruffs.

* The topic Hereditary Bohemia is curdled with luminous details, like drapeadas blouses and wide pants of sateen, vests of lamé and cashmere, overcoats and splendid reefers of skin turned or leveled in tones vanilla, target and ivory with embroideries of silk, of Russian inspiration. Some detail of tulle and silk in cravats and skirts “millefeuille“ of gauze.

* For the Oriental Odyssey, Ralph Lauren is inspired by the magnificence of golden and oriental silver-platings and proposes a few beautiful night, vaporous garments, with skirts finished off with shining fringe, arabesques in the embroideries of the tops and details drapers. Cocktail suits with surrounding skirt of Hindu influence and free pants with flight.

Lauren did not forget the essential black for the night, in several garments in black silk, of traditional lines, both long and short to the knee.
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