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The devil dresses himself of Prada
For: Ann Sánchez
Cruela of Vile, I say, Miranda Priestly is the writer - chief of Runway, a prestigious fashionable American magazine. The Runway writing is the most similar thing to a footbridge, where the journalists - models parade to the sound of the music of his despotic chief.
They are the laws of the game. Those that Andrea Sachs will have to learn, the last one would award a scholarship recorded by Elevated place, if he wants to support his position.

In the year 2003 Lauren Weisberger wrote that The devil dresses himself of Prada, a bestseller applauded by the public and criticized by the press, especially, the specializing one in fashion. Not this susceptibility; Weisberger had worked as it would award a scholarship in Vogue, to the orders of Anna Wintour, chief of the American edition of the famous French head and one of the most influential persons in the world of the fashion.

At this point they will have realized that the tirana Miranda Priestly is Anna Wintour and that the movie is a cruel radiography of the world of the journalism and the fashion dressed in light comedy.

The movie is foreseeable, but David Frankel has been provided with an intelligent script and, at times, entertained, that gathers some accurate ideas on the price of the reputation. If, also, you have a good technical bundle and in the share-out a sure value-Meryl Streep - and to an inspiradísimo Stanley Tucci, the result is a product very superior to similar comedies.

Also, so that everything finishes good, Anna Wintour has taken the movie with humor and it came to the preview dressed: how not? of Prada. Of course, it left to the half.
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