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For: José F. Serra
Let's see a Miguel Palacio bet for a way of dressing elegant and urban that speaks to the one who can appreciate the well made pledges and demands quality.
His models base on a young and modern interpretation of the classic seam. Miguel Palacio bets for a way of dressing elegant and urban that speaks to the one who can appreciate the well made pledges and demands quality. His collection for this winter continues in this line with a series of proposals that adapt themselves to the motto that usually presides at his work “to Look for the perfection of the clothes as something natural”

Miguel Palacio is an eternal lover of the black color, which alternates in this collection with other of his colors “fetish“, the blue dyes. For the winter 2006-07 the black has used in overcoats of strict cut and also in cocktail suits with details jet that in some occasions is accompanied of chaquetitas very short. His wide bet for the dark tones has seen smoothed by the contrast of a few garments and blouses green Nile, a tone that does not favor everybody, but that he was emphasizing in the footbridge like a contrast of happiness of ecological tones.

The garments present the effect of high size with a length to evenness of the knee the same as the skirts with a discreet flight or with wide creases or of form abullonada. The short jackets accentuate the flight in the back and the buttons appear with insistence placed sometimes without much ado utility that that of being a simple adornment.

Miguel Palacio accentuates even more a note that we have seen profusely in the collections of the present period: the volume of the sleeves that include many models of this collection. There are flared sleeves, with frills, Philippine style or butterfly that are in charge of smoothing the clear and strict silhouette of some garments. There are sleeves that rub lightly the elbow or three quarters. The shoulders pagoda also did his appearance of fleeting form but with enough impact.

The pants, straits or cycle style in clear minority with regard to the skirts, the echarpes with fringe, the wools texturadas, the big purses and the leather details are other distinctive notes of this collection that was provided also with a few metallized golden air textiles galáxico, a slightly frequent election inside the urban line of this designer.

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