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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton
The proposals of Louis Vuitton for this autumn - winter look at the end of the 80. Revising those fashionable magazines of 20 years ago, we discover the same pompous and theatrical silhouettes updated today to the taste of the XXIst century.
Marc Jacobs, designer of Vuitton, in addition to possessing their own marks included in the multinational of the luxury LVMH, showed in Paris lines marked by the influence of Lacroix: laces, sheens and game of contradictory volumes of wide and narrow. Vuitton keeps like that his extravagant, sumptuous and ultrafeminine style in a showy and avant-garde air collection retro.

Suits of jacket and skirts. - Sets of skirts drapeadas with jackets marcadísimas of capricious revers. Skirts abullonadas over the knee, thick shiny textiles combined by elastic tapes tops of wrinkled and shiny aspect, in a constant volumes game. Along with ethereal blouses, short skirts and with volume, made with superpositions of vaporous textile in different lengths. Few pants that recta and with returns.

- Overcoats: In this pledge the entire volume triumphs: wide shoulders, round silhouette although with waist marked always by belts. Length to the knee or over her, in a line almost so wide as long. The overcoats and reefers, of intense color – emerald green, red living, deep blue - they return with big revers.

- Garments: Vestiditos balloon with pronounced waist accompanied on excessive narrow and high lacquer boots up to the thigh with velvet drawstrings. Others, of sateen, for cocktail, with drapeados style peplum. The classic one “petite steals to nongo” it is renewed by a few wide cuffs. Dressed in cocktail of pressed drapeado and small frills that mark the step.

- Textiles and colors: Fit everywhere, sateen and tulle, some leather as well as brocaded textile. Tones old man prayed, I steel, blue, gray, but also warm tones as the camel, peach and rose. The black, always, alone or cocktail with living tones.

As star complemented, of course, the purse LV, with the anagram of the house, more children than in past periods and of more varied forms. Quilted models of black leather were shown with reliefs, embroideries and chains, also in color boiler and with color applications. Designs type trunk and collecting tin of handle cuts and double. The leather gloves and before vuelven strongly.
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