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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Emidio Tucci
Studio Classics
Emidio Tucci
Studio Classics
Although in summer one says good-bye to the suit and to the tie, it is not necessary to forget the chance elegance of a balanced outfit. In the masculine fashion of the most warm months of the year, they emphasize the streaks and the citric tones and navy, the whole scale of the targets and raw ones and the colors inspired by the nature. But, over everything, the monochrome "looks" are the last thing. The signature Emidio Tucci, and the collection Studio Classics for El Corte Ingles, they offer several ideas of this tendency.
There take to the maximum the tones coordinated inside the same scale of colors: for the day, T-shirts and poles it cremates or target combined with Bermuda shorts to the knee or light pants of tweezers in tone sand, with fibre belts in toasted tone. Dark jeans with free shirts and cárdigans of the same tone. To complete the look and to seem more formal, simply it is necessary to add a blazer – brown, target or beige - ideal to go out to have for dinner or to have a drink.

The textiles are comfortable and fresh, like the knit mixed with linen, the cotton, the denim for huntresses and sports, the point for the cárdigans and the silk for the handkerchiefs and cravats.

The basic pledges of this summer 2009 are the Bermuda shorts, accompanied of Saharan and sports multipockets, as well as the T-shirts down jerséis light of neck in peak. Clear Americans or trench I cut above. The tones sand, marengo, creams and beiges with some touch of light green or blue sound tendency. And the style navy always suits: the streaks in white and navy blue, with Bermuda shorts and pants, combine with leather moccasins, before or loneta.

Like complements, there take very much the wide belts of cloth or raffia with applications and finished of skin, braided or forming streaks, and the bags bandolier. The glasses aviator and the moccasins are - better than sandals - a sure value.

Yes to the serviceability without resigning from the style

For the night a more sophisticated look is essential. This is obtained dressing linen suit in shirts and ties of the same tone or, simply, in shirt without tie. Very glamorous remains the whole scale of the anthracite.

And in the most formal occasions, the best thing is to resort to the classic and elegant tailoring that never fails: dark suits with ties of wide streaks in diagonal, in showy colors: red, mauve, orange. The shirts, in cotton poplin, very fresh and light, in smooth textile or with thin streaks. The pictures remain relegated at the moment.

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