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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
Agata Drusa
Stone Moon and Meteorite
Aged silver and Emeralds
The only stone
“It is not necessary to get scared in crisis times”, supports the designer Laura Márquez. “Happiness, rhythm, color, originality and exclusive design” they give good rule to his jewels for clients in difficult times. The designer of Madrid who has his flirtatious jewelry shop in the street San Bernardo feels proud of that every time they are more those who come to her so that he designs a special jewel to them of asked, of anniversary or of commemoration.
“There are great the architects and engineers who look for my designs and that satisfies me, because I know that they understand much of creativity”, Laura Márquez declares at the time that it shows his last works in the shop windows of the exhibition opened to the public.

“In the above mentioned series I have chosen for interactive jewels and with movement, someone lightly playful. I like that they work almost like amulets”, he says while it shows a silver piece with rock crystals of different colors and other one with a drusa or agate crystallized in a prism.

The nature is surprising in his noble stones both for his form and for his chromatism. Márquez plays with the forms of the stones that go out of the silver hoop or gold and are evident in impossible balances in appearance. There are rings, where the stone goes backwards and prolongs the length of the finger. Slightly similar ride to end with his bracelets of doll or of arm in silver and gold with stones of different tones.

The designer plays with the rich coloring of the opals and some of them have inspired the series Klimt, for the similarity of his coloring. Emphasized also his series of Sceneries by means of drusas and jaspers that seem to catch a forest fossilized in miniature and that serve both for brooches and for pendants.

Singular his earrings in silver of the series Bird with double vision straight ahead or of profile, in that they highlight forms similar to the peaks or heads of bird. Sonorous rings with pearls of Tahiti, as toys. A necklace of dog articulated in waves that adapts itself with delicacy to the skin of every neck. Happy pieces with cianitas, lapis lazuli or re-constituted turquoises … A singular pendant with meteorite stone.

“The foreign clients have diminished, but the nationals have become more demanding and that stimulates the creativity. I like speaking with those who look and want something special because I always finish with finding to them for what they look”, says Laura Márquez, at the time that the sun and stone moon shows the pendant Horus with stone in white gold. The heart, a classic icon, renewed retrieval attends in his lapidary designs, in the middle of the sheen and the mate that they sustain them.

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