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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Pola Church
It takes almost twenty years as director of contests in Fair of Madrid and, from 1998, like person in charge of one of the most important fashionable international fairs of Europe, the SIMM. A year, it deals straight with seven fairs related to the design, semi-annual someone. Hard-working and tireless woman - like good Galician - tells us the innovations of this year in SIMM, which renews his offer and shop window.
Pola Church receives us in his luminous office of Ifema, of wide large windows from which the diverse pavilions are discerned. There is Marketing manager of the International Lounge of Fashion of Madrid (SIMM), of Modacalzado, of Iberpiel Marroquinería, of the Lounge Look, of the Fair a Stock Outlet and of the Wedding contests Door of Europe and of Las Mil and Weddings, open sea to the public. 

- they have announced important changes in the fair SIMM for this year: of what are they going to consist? 
The principal ones are that it changes of date and of pavilions, to adapt it to the current circumstances and to make it more comfortable and rational. First of all, SIMM is going to go forward a little, from February 4 until February 6, in order to which it coincides with Giftrends, which it includes to Intergift, Bisutex and Iberjoya and Fashion of Hearth. It is going to be the fashionable platform and the most important design of Spain for the period Autumn - winter 2010/2011. The motive of these changes is to facilitate to the professional buyer that there comes of out the possibility of acquiring the fashion at the same time that the complements, and not to make him come in two different occasions.
As for the change of pavilions, the Fair will be located in the 12 and 14, which have a different structure, they are squared and join between themselves for a connection nucleus a lot of more breadth than the previous ones. The vision is more diaphanous, the widest corridors and the share-outs of more uniform stands. 

- To what does the piece of news answer sectorización of SIMM?
To a modernization and rentabilización of the sector. Now the offer will be organized concerning a few sonorous, monosyllabic names and in English, that it is not necessary to translate. And this way Charm has arisen, between others, for a dreamy and romantic woman who supports an urban and practical style. Class, for a feminine and innovative woman without losing the traditional style; Warm, fashion in wool and technical textiles for the rain and the cold; Man, masculine fashion; Moon and Sun, feminine intimate fashion; Gala, cocktail, in the night, tag and ceremony; Fur, Pledges of overcoat in skin; or Touch, indispensable pieces to personalize the “whole look”: costume jewelry, purses, belts, shawls and other accessories. 

- Will it move more deals these changes, considering the current crisis?
We believe that yes, because we have realized that the buyer who comes to Ifema does not think about how only to take pledges, pants or garments, but it tries to take also the complements adapted to achieve this whole look for that his clients look. Also, the accessories and fashionable complements are today very important, because perhaps it does not wear out both in clothes and in complements that the outfit makes different. For the retailer it is very attractive to offer clothes and purses, shoes, costume jewelry in the same shop. 

- How does go the presence of international national marks?
Given the low consumption and the economic recession that we have in Spain, it is very difficult to attract foreign marks. There has happened the circumstance in addition to which the orders of previous fairs are annulled or there is slowness in the payments, and this has done that the foreign participation withdraws. As for the Spaniards, many distributors are doing real efforts because they know that the fair is a very important place for the sales and to obtain contacts. 

- the hotels are mobilized also to attract companies that present collections...
Yes, there are companies that show his collections in hotels at the same time that the fairs, to make use of the presence of the buyers in Madrid. Against that we are going to compete offering an attractive showsrooms offer in Ifema, so that the marks that wish it could attend to his clients with a very wide schedule in a few rooms with all the serviceability and services, and the clients do not have that gait covering hotels and be able to receive a very special attention. It goes to be placed in the North Center of Conventions and the communications with the fair will be done by a permanent buses service. 

- Will the young designers also come to SIMM?
Really, the platform of creative young people integrated into Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week will show in special conditions the collections of emergent creators, with the difference that they will speak to retailers and manufacturers. This will be very important for them. 

- What other attractions will SIMM have? 
We will have a Forum of Tendencies about four concept different. The exhibitors who wish it will be able to dress some of the manikins of the Forum of Tendencies, so that the professional could discover of rapid form the keys of the new period: colors, pledges, textures and lines... 

- Is it going to follow with the formula of the invited country? 
We had thought in Italy, but we saw that the participation was going to be rather scarce because also they lack an official organism industry of the dressmaking or similar as it has Portugal, Brazil or France that supports the marks. So, we have thought to remain at home and to promote the presence of the Autonomous regions. 

- the next one will be the edition 63. After 32 years of SIMM: how is the crisis evident? 
It is evident enough and in several aspects. We are no going to have parades because, although we have offered the Footbridge Cibeles with a low rent, there have not been requests. On the other hand, several from our exhibitors of the whole life come less, or only once a year, instead of to two editions of February and July. Many commerce and marks are closing... Now the people pull with the clothes of the past period or buy in outlets. The sector is suffering very much.
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