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The signature Emidio Tucci is inspired in the sea to give form to his new collection for the spring and the summer 2007. His pledges lead us to dreaming of long and pacific evenings of summer, accompanied by the rumor of the waves and of the west sun, but topcoat accompanied by the best friends. The first tendency moves us to the warm Mediterranean, where the whole scale is melted of blue confirmed with the yellow one and vermilion. The second tendency is inspired in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, giving place to colors ground and raw in pledges of linen and cotton. In his search of the cleanliness and the simplicity, the third tendency lands in the waters of the Baltic, granting leading role to the gray and white ones. The signature of El Corte Ingles proposes in this period to melt the classic elegance with the simplicity of the avant-garde minimalism.
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