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For: Josefina Figueras
In one of the letters published recently in our magazine, Maria Suárez Pérez, a student of journalism of 18 years, was asking us in a next number of to speak on what also it must be considered to be “a beauty“ in a wider sense because the essential of a woman his appearance is not only. Today we do it from this Opinion section.
The story “The beautiful one and the beast” that has been taken to the movies and to the musical spectacles, has a charming message that takes shape of one of his songs “The beauty is inside”. It is clear that in our epoch, in which it dominates the consumerism to any machine and the cult to the image, the theory of the “interior beauty” at that Baltasar de Castiglione was already aiming in the XVIth century in “The courtier” continues in full actuality. The relation between the soul and the body, between the physical qualities and the moral qualities, there are something neither that nor the medicine, nor the esthetics medicalizada of our days can forget.

The American magazine Health Psychology made public a study that it reveals that the best medicines against certain pathologies are personal psychological virtues like the optimism and the restraint. Remembering three essential virtues that Platón was already recommending to his contemporaries – fortitude, restraint and knowledge - American, Israeli and Canadian scientists they were confirming in this magazine the attachment between the soul and the body. The health and the good exterior aspect have a lot to do with the battles that escape inside us. The famous slogan of which “the face is the mirror of the soul” has not lost his validity, in spite of all the esthetic revolutions and the cosmetic advances.

To bear in mind the importance of the personal attraction, to use with common sense and wise move the possibilities of the cosmetics, are a healthy exercise that can do the most agreeable and pleasant existence. Nevertheless it is possible neither to do of these practices the preeminent mobile of our existence, to look only for the personal self-esteem, a theatrical seduction or a dyes narcissism egocentristas. In an article of Juan Manuel de Prada called “Canon of the beauty” this writer was recreating the myth of Narcissus and the dangers of a beauty that is founded in be contemplating to if the same and not in be projecting to the look of the others.

“Also the error of our epoch - there was saying Prada - consiste in having supplanted the charitable look of other for the sterile look of an individualism that rests on the intransigent crutches of the fashion. We are already not content to please, but, dazzled by a narcissistic conceit, we aspire to like to us, a company that it would be necessary to qualify of unhappy and autistic if there were not intervening in her other elements that turn us into puppets handled by the despotism of four hucksters pawned in kidnapping our will”

In our postmodern world, where everything is played down, it is good to place the beauty in a few solid beginning that bear in mind the interior attitude and the foreign opinion. Thanks to God and the genes there are the most beautiful women and, thanks to the well looked diets and the cosmetic industries, it is possible to accentuate this beauty or to make her more accessible to the least lucky women. What we cannot do is to turn us into slaves of the scales or to feel unfortunate when the methods antiageing or anti “what is” they do not give the result for that we wait.

The beauty needs to be interpreted in keys of optimism and good humor, with a meaning of life that puts it in his extreme just persons and does not turn it into irreplaceable key of our existence. A smile that is born of inside, an attitude interested towards the foreign problems, a tone of serenity before the events, there can be a few marvelous attributes although the wrinkles of the face do not disappear in the proportion and the rapidity that the last cosmetic one promises. The feelings can turn, on the other hand, into a wonderful and effective recipe that never fails. Georges Elliot was interpreting it of a simple and poetical form:

“The human feelings are like the powerful rivers that bless the ground: they do not wait to the beauty, flow strongly irresistibly and take the beauty with it”

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