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For: Mercedes Álvarez
YSL with Leticia Casta
The death of Yves Saint Laurent, some of the most brilliant designers of the XXth century last June 1 in Paris, is causing a wave of homage, samples and exhibitions on his biography, history and contribution to the world of the fashion. It was already in Corunna in the last February and now, until September 28, brilliant Christian Dior exhibits in the Museum of Fine arts of Montreal the sample Love, a retrospective of the work of 40 years of the house of high fashion of the French designer – born in Algeria - raised in the workshops of also.
Although the sample was inaugurated by chance three days before the death of Saint Laurent, it has already turned into his first posthumous homage. The world of the fashion cannot allow remembering that Saint Laurent mixed the high fashion with the prêt to porter, it introduced the pants as daily pledge for the woman, and adapted the tuxedo and the garments of bold and living colors for the night. The fuchsia was one of his favorite tones.

The sample realized in collaboration with the Foundation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent, centers on the virtuous work of high fashion of the designer and in her there can be admired 145 pieces transferred by the Foundation – of the 5.000 that it preserves - in addition to sketches and videos with which it is possible to know step by step the creative process of each of his pieces, from his first parade in 1962 up to the retreat of the teacher in 2002. 

Every piece reveals the sensibility and the cultural knowledge of the French couturier, as well as his adventurousness on having proposed to the women masculine pledges and to adapt them to a woman who treads loudly, so much in the daytime as at night. Inspired in the avant-garde art, the popular culture and the taken motives of Asia and Africa, the style of Saint Laurent revolutionized forever the prêt to porter femininely. 

In the exhibition bootblacks they can admire turbans of velvet, brocade jackets, the innovative feminine tuxedo, suits of cocktail of brilliant coloring, dressed in patterns inspired by Mondrian, Van Gogh or Picasso, Saharan, trench, suits tailor, pants, boots over the knee, as well as diverse accessories and complements, which showed Grace of Monaco or Catherine Deneuve. 

The exhibition is divided in four thematic milestones: The Stroke of Pencil, a trip for the work previous to the designer; The YSL Revolution, a revision for his most androgynous pledges; The Palette, a study on the innovative use that the creator of the colors made and how did it mix them; and Lyrical Resources, where there are explored his historical, literary and artistic influences. 

After Montreal, the sample Love will travel to Young Museum of San Francisco, where it will be possible to visit until May 1, 2009.
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