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For: Josefina Figueras
The from Bilbao designer who has confirmed his successes again in the Footbridge Cibeles has decided in favor for this period spring - summer of a collection in which the fantasy is mixed and the sophistication with a perfect interpretation of the volumes In his designs appreciates the impact of the color and the originality of a few patterns that gather facets of the art and the nature.
The gatherings, the drapeados, the spouts, the mini superposed frills the knots and the controlled flights serve to detach the model of the body and give to the garments of Miriam Ocáriz – The pledge it covers with stars of the collection - a big fluency and movement. The leggins and the pants cigaret acquire a big leading role. The textiles adapt themselves to these structures Abound in the collection the flexible crepe, which defines of marvel his quiet ones and drapeados, the silk, the light cottons, the gauze.

The designer signs up to the mastery of the target, so clear in the fashion spring summer of this year, but it risks to a color that sprouts in the footbridge like a fantasy balloon: the rose chiclé. It continues with his personalísimos patterns drawn by herself. The fiction and the reality give themselves appointment in the trampantojo with brads and bonds or identical belts. In the forms it plays with the drapeados or the line A, with under gathered, or leaves that the wide skirts – some with the help of the dog - can-casi volatilicen with the agility of the cloths.

His handmade facet stands out in his drawings and patterns. It is not necessary to forget that his style popularized immediately after one stamped T-shirts drawn by herself that they reached a big success. The designer is inspired often by the contemporary art. He likes enjoying himself in the expressionism of Egon Schiele and in the American movies of the 40s or 50s although also it moves his models its own personal experiences. His models are impregnated with routine character, with what it sees in the street, with the small events that happen in the world.

For Miriam Ocáriz the fashion must be first of all ponible, with a balanced and real image, although it does not also disdain the theatricality of any designers of his generation who base his creations on a theatrical and fantastic world. He thinks that the fashion is a set of things that penetrate the limits of the clothes, it is a way of being in the world and only he acquires meaning when it goes down to the street and turns into a form of expression. His collection full of serenity, fantasy and good humor, there are a living test of his convictions and of his particular idea of the fashion.
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