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A new period is insinuated in the horizon and it is necessary to renew the closet facing the cold temperatures.
 The fashion 2006-07 does not present no I overturn spectacularly but they announce changes to themselves in the line that becomes wider and less structured and dominates in general an elegant and very feminine style with a coloring attenuated in the one that emphasizes how it "covers" the gray color with stars. Impeccable tailors, twinkles of old gold, adornments of skin and a wink a 80s... These are the new tendencies.

IT GAINS THE VOLUME and the rounded forms that include the silhouettes “bell“ and “tulip“. The superposition of wide pledges returns also to the actuality and desestructuradas.

THE OVERCOATS are the big winter protagonists in thick textiles: tweed, wool, cloth or in a textile that one acquires big importance: the flannel. They are of different lengths but the most recognized is the one that covers exactly the knee.Algunos they fit to the waist with knotted leather belts or providing the effect of high size. Those of military style present a more sober and straight line with necks of big revers. The night ones are of velvet or brocades.

THE LAYER THAT EVERYTHING COVERS IT... The big alternative to the overcoats. The layers are one of the key winter pieces . Very versatile and adopting different forms: of classic style with square shoulders, of military style or of big fantasy with volumes and adornments.

IMPECCABLE TAILORS with pants cigaret - other one of the key winter pieces - straight skirts and neck tuxedo. Some of them aim to the new proportions with jackets at form tulip

THE TUNICS are the queens of the new period. They are long and short. The fellings take on straight skirts, pants cigaret or on the leggins, certainly with a wide reprint of this pledge “fetish“ of the 80s. In addition to the leggins the 80s we see them reflected in the jackets with wide shoulders of unmistakable silhouette.

THE GRAY is the favorite color. One gives in all the pledges and in all the scales from to gray pearl to the marengo. He was a king of the fashion at the beginning of the 90 and now it recovers strongly his leading role again. It takes alone or mixed with the white person and the black. The coloring inclines for the autumnal tones: beig, brown. green.El black continues opposing a preferable place and a few flares of red, alone or cocktail with black, they make the winter set happy. It continues the fever of the gold, but by means of an aged gilding that is used, not only for the night, but combined with jeans or sets of point.

LEOPARDS OF FANTASY The spots of this animal pattern it keeps on giving a sophisticated tone to blouses, garments or overcoats. But it does not preserve only his own colors but it appears in red and in other vibrant colors. The leather is different essentially in overcoats and jackets. And the style of the highlands with his Scotch kilts they offer colors combinations inside his habitual classicism.

THE GARMENTS are of size an Empire with sleeves that win in largeness. The point is different of the triumphant bets and the fat jerseis "overside" of big proportions are outlined like one of the favorite winter pledges.

SKIN IN SMALL DOSES. but a definitive touch 2006-07. One applies to the handles, the necks or it even finishes off low of some skirts.

OTHER DETAILS OF IMPACT: lace for the day as applications of romantic and entire air for the important nights. Frills profusion, in under, in cascade or in the body.Lazos big that remember the High fashion of the 70, baroque sleeves, helmets style Amazon. The maximum sophistication for the night there are the adornments of pens that substitute the spangles and the strass. Dense averages, embroidered shop window, ruffs...

Y... THE SPIRIT BALENCIAGA BEING ABOUT THE FASHION. The exhibition that is celebrated in Paris on the big designer has influenced decisively in the fashion autumn - winter. His trace is seen in the garments of architectural style, the night overcoats of big volume, the impeccable tailors and in all the pledges of studied balance of forms and volumes that campean for the fashion autumn - winter
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