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The exhibition that gathers the work of the creator Giorgio Armani of last 3 decades has returned to house. After covering several cities – New York, Rome, Bilbao, Tokyo, Peking - it has finished his itinerary in the Trienalle of Milan.
Now all the creations of Armani round that they have turned to the world will begin to be part of a permanent file. The architect Tandao Ando is already projecting the building where to lodge it: the Museum Giorgio Armani.

A 30.000 kilometers trip and 1.200.000 visitors is the final balance of the exhibition Armani across 8 countries. The exhibition impelled by the Foundation Solomon G. Gugenheim, set off seven years ago of the Museum Gugenheim of New York and came to Milan in February of this year coinciding with the Armani parade for the period autumn - winter 2007-08, a collection in that the light, the strass and the crystal embroideries were the domineering notes.

Milan, since it is logical, has got overturned in this final apotheosis of the exhibition that finishes in April his route for the world and the Trienal has opened his doors for the first time to the monographic one devoted to a fashionable designer. The spectacular staging has been a work of Robert Wilson, the theatrical director of big success that had already dealt with the previous exhibitions and that has transformed the space of the building milanés into a series of fantastic visions of the fashion.

The enclosure was divided in two plants, each one supported concerning a topic with pledges of diverse periods that were gathering the essential lines that Armani realized along his career, a whole of 600 models of urban clothes or of wonderful night suits. It was containing also sketches, photos and fragments of movies as assertion of the narrow relation that the designer has had with the world of the movies. The games of lights, work of J. Wissbard, was playing an important role on having highlighted volumes and textures.

The final exhibition of the trip, which will be closed in this April, represents a homage to the designer who better has been able to interpret the fashion and his evolution throughout last three decades. His stylistic revolution took his most famous jackets of masculine cut as a strong point with natural, flexible textiles and doing even without the lining. He is perhaps the designer, not only more admired, but also the most copied. In the year 2005, when it had already penetrated the border of 70 years Armani gave another surprise: it presented his first High fashion collection. “I like coming in this critical moment of the High fashion - he declared” I how to offer a service maximum and did not bandage sleep, bandaged quality. It is a luxury to measurement”. The traveling exhibition has gathered all his messages. Soon the Museum milanés will gather the best of his work.
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