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For: Mercedes Ezpeleta
Now when we are on the point of discovering the fashion spring - summer, now when it seems that the fever of the reductions has gone down a little, it is perhaps a good moment to stop to think more slowly about the phenomenon of the fashion.
Elaine St. James, one ex-yuppie and ex-superwoman recycled North American, writes in his book “It simplifies your life”. “it reduces your pledges of clothes, the accessories, the big purses, the heels and the long fingernails”. It is already seen that Elaine is out of any suspicion to be a destroyer of the textile sector and of the dressmaking. She headed a social revolution - that of the "downshitting" - that also splashed the fashion of ends of the 90. Not only for the minimalism of top designers but for the change of habits of buy of fashionable consumers. “To dress itself as in the magazines”, the being walking vases is already something proper of the history.

The person who is in the street, which reads the magazines, which sees the footbridges in the television often wonders: all this that it means? Miuccia Prada says that he believes that the people go insecure to buy and that he needs certain safety, which is difficult that that of proper dependent or enclosed the proper designer. Very well, but then: Who will say to us how not to be an impertinent fashion victim or the dusty mellow one? The answer as the beauty of “The beautiful one and the beast” is in our interior. In our intelligence - emotional or not that more gives - in our life and in the knowledge of us ourselves.

Because the fashion is part of our life. A suit is not a green jacket acid or a body of Donna Karan; the fashion is a life style, one to meet us ourselves and the persons and things that surround us with a way or with other one. And this is not alone an external, but also internal question.

That's why it is necessary to learn to read the fashion, it is necessary to know that a footbridge, as Gaultier says, it is not an obligation but an invitation. That a fashionable production of a magazine is not a mirror where to look, but an artistic expression of a concrete tendency. We would have to learn to extract from all this the essential thing. An exercise undoubtedly difficult but than after the bombings to which we surrender of images and words whenever it begins a period, it is relatively easier and even entertaining.

A perfect therapy before going out to buy:

The first step: to answer to a series of questions: Over what colors or lines do they predominate? what artistic currents are behind the designers? in what epoch, have book or personage been inspired?

The second step: What is my form of life? What obligations do I have? Which of all the tendencies or keys that are under the proposals of the designers agrees with my life?

Third step: How am I? Inside and on the outside. With valor and without fear, without getting obsessed with the sizes but if that it is necessary to realize what goes with my figure and with my philosophy of the life.

The fourth step: Finally: What is my style? What look do I like having? How do I feel myself safe? It is not necessary to forget that most of the shops sell clothes, not style. And it is the consumers whom we "send" on ourselves. Following all these steps we will have learned a little more than it is the fashion, will have done the effort to look for this artistic, creative, philosophical side of the tendencies of every period and will have amused ourselves. We can already go out to the street or continue redoing at home our closet facing the next spring.
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