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© El Corte Ingles
© El Corte Ingles
Spring - English Cut
With the motto “it is Already a spring”, El Corte Ingles has presented his new proposals across a campaign based on the use of the nature as synonymous fashionably. This time the campaign was presented to the mass media with a fantastic staging. The journalists we were invited to bring in a few cars of the meter at a station recently inaugurated in that everything was different. Nothing to see with the daily and boring normal displacements of the meter, not with the difficulties of the hours “top“. It was a question of entering a wonderful garden with real plants and lawn of the purest bucolic style … A few models dressed in the last tendencies crossed that nature waste on wheels. When it finished our trip we rise to a few rooms of the metro station turned also into a garden in which they were representing pictures and furniture gilded between the verdure and the freshness of the plants.

The journalists installed in this wonderful garden we find out about the last fashionable proposals directed a modern and very current woman and about all the details of the campaign led by the Belgian model Elise Crombez. The musical group Delafe livened up the act. The spring fashion was presenting summed up in a few well definite tendencies: "Lady Safari” with certain air retro in neutral tones and ethnic patterns, Copacabana for the nights of holiday, with long garments monocolor to itself. The third tendency bases on the duo of the success in this spring, the white person and the black who share honors with the yellow color the sun in the stamped suits. The style “Study 54” proposes a revival of the 80s to us with spangles, streaks of colors and metallized effects. And finally, the allied spring big ones: the flowers, big and small in the scale of the blue, purple and green ones.
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