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For: Josefina Figueras
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada
His fashion includes every time new horizons and this year, 25 anniversary of his incursion in the world of the fashion, has given place to several events. The retrospective exhibitions of Agatha that had already circulated along several cities have turned into real events to his step along Barcelona and along Burgos where it has received an affectionate homage of his companions.
His collection spring summer electrifies once again the ambience of the fashion with his coloring without borders and his bold combinations.

The designer makes sure that in the collection for this summer he looks first of all for the serviceability and the femininity in his forms and in his textiles. His icons perfectly recognizable, his geometric drawings of flowers, hearts, spots, rhombs sheets and stars have given life to the rectilinear silhouettes of a few garments maxi-evasé often accompanied of leggins of brilliant aspect.

The art, and his love for the painting they have inspired once again his work. If in previous occasions we her have seen influences of Warhol or Picasso in this occasion a homage has given good results to artist Nicky de Saint Phalle both in his coloring and in his stamped originals.

In this collection all the combinations are possible. Miscellanies of streaks and spots, flowers and stars and also continuous alliances of colors target - blue, fuchsia - naranja-rojo with target. The patterns splashed with flowers or with sheets are one of the most guessed right motives of the collection in which there stand out also some masculine models with T-shirts, huntresses and shorts and lengths. One of the most successful "exits" of the collection was that of a couple dressed in a green tone pistache, he with a set of Bermuda shorts and huntress and she with a green garment splashed with flowers.

The cottons of different textures are the textiles number one together with the sateen twills it sedates and voiles. For the night the materials are more sophisticated: taffetas of silk, silks painted to hand or with aspect of linen, metallic threads, many sheens and metallized effects.

Agatha has happened of being the ununderstood big one of the fashion to a designer more and more plural that the same designs wedding dresses, that chinas tiles, and notebooks. It is still faithful to his strong point that has accompanied it from the beginning: the color your living tones that remove the sadness and bet for an uncontrollable happiness of living have been his best trick. His imagination is like fish in the water in the models for children and for the very young people.
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