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For: Paula Gárgoles
Roberto Verino
His name appears between the most emblematic of the quarry of Galician designers who popped in strongly in the Spanish fashion of the 90. The name of Roberto Verino appeared for several years joined to the Footbridge Cibeles from which it broke off in 2004 to extend his international expansion. Now Roberto Verino has entered the Museums. From September 14 till the end of November there is an exhibition of his creations in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid that they cover his 25 years in the world of the fashion. Asmoda has spoken with him owing to this event.
What are the key elements that compose the exhibition?

I have chosen 50 models of my 50 collections, photos of image and of footbridge and a selection of the different products “Roberto Verino“ like: clocks, wines and ceramics for the house.

Is there any recipe to continue with the same force after 25 years?

I am employed at what excites me and I am in the world that I like, at that I am happy. The only thing that moves me is that the people feel good and enjoy what I offer him. The passion is what does that the search of the excellence does not turn out to be a nuisance. If it was not because I have passion it would not be easy to dedicate so many hours to what I do.

 What is his work method?

I like competing and winning. To rise to the podium. But it is necessary to go slowly. The important thing is to achieve that the things are realized although it is in more time. It is better to be fixed attainable targets, which not that are impossible. I think that this is the normal thing, that we all should operate with this beginning. My target, that we all were happy every day and this way more positive energy would be generated. That's why I try not to disguise the women; so that they feel good and that they enjoy the fashion.

How would she be defined as a person?

I am a simple person that he likes enjoying the small things. And to look in them for what could turn us into better persons. We would generate a better environment and there would be less tension. In the design my beginning is based on a concept of simplicity and of temporality. That the clothes do not spend fashionably and that feels good.

 How does it find to the Spanish fashion?

I think that there are no fashionable companies because they are not profitable. Let's do that this changes. It is already changing because there are companies that it is not that they are profitable, they are the most profitable. And this is the only way of obtaining financial supports. It is necessary to convince, that not to impose, to a market to be profitable. To convince, first seducing, and creating satisfaction in this consumer so that he prefers me to me opposite to another designer. I am optimistic.

His vision of the fashion radiates optimism. Is it slightly natural in you?

I believe that Madrid is the future. There is energy so that it is possible. The city is a possibilities bubbling. And I am optimistic for nature My grandmother with 98 years was excited about everything what it was doing as if she was a 20-year-old girl. My father also had this energy. He died a few months ago and age capable of smiling after suffering a respiratory crisis. From this one I have already escaped, he was saying.

In 2004 it left Cibeles: Why are no parades Roberto Verino?

 For the inability to make compatible the effort that is needed to open to the international market and the effort to do a collection. The parades, frequently, have caused a rift between me of the consumer. In three years without doing parades it has become possible to change the design of the shops and to attend on the international market.

Whom does he consider to be his teachers?

Coconut Chanel has always impressed me therefore it did. Balenciaga for the mastery in his lines. And for Giorgio Armani I feel a big admiration. It has changed enough the way of dressing of the latter century. It has achieved that the woman feels nice answering to a few new rolls and to his incorporation to works similar to those of the men.

What is his inspiration source?

My historical past marks me and I never depart from a sheet of paper in target. I depart from a few proposals that have been already accepted and every period tried to add new elements that should differentiate you and that should seduce, but supporting my style style. There is no magic formula. The inspiration comes from what thrills you: a trip, a movie, to be with the people full of life. It is a work that autofeeds.

What has supposed the phenomenon ZARA in the fashion?

It has achieved that professionally we have to apply ourselves very much. Thanks to ZARA, abroad, the Spanish fashion is well-known. ZARA has achieved that it looks to Spain. My challenge is to reach a public that already not in accordance with ZARA. What do I envy to them? They have more shops and better placed but we are growing. ZARA has broken with what we knew for collections. They change every week, restore the product of more success every 15 days. They sell although bad fact is. They the culture works of using and pulling. ZARA puts the batteries to us and that is not bad.

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