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Modesto Lomba
Modesto Lomba
Modesto Lomba
Devotee and Lomba
Devotee and Lomba
Devotee and Lomba
“The design sometimes, it takes a way parallel to the fashion, sometimes they do not touch and when this happens we bet for the design.” It is a thought that there was doing to himself aloud Modesto Lomba, designer with a brilliant career that began his professional journey in the year 86 in Vitoria. With his technician's designing title it joined the architect Luis Devota to create the signature Devota&Lomba, a name that has remained in spite of the premature death of Luis.
In 1988 the Devout signature and Lomba do his presentation in the Footbridge Cibeles. The same year they obtain the Award It "loves" to the young design and, since then, there begins a trip that meters of textiles connect and give place to a few very well worn out collections, full of inspiration and delicacy.

In his professional trajectory, already alone, Modesto Lomba has received several important awards: “Cristóbal Balenciaga“, the “Award Baileys” to the best woman collection, "Vidal Sasoon" … etc. In 2002 Spain is nominated a President of the Creators' Association of Fashion, association that keeps on presiding and in the one that overturns the best thing if the same.

Who up cheered him to enter the world of the fashion?

My mother helped me very much and supported me. I think that my interest in the fashion arose in a natural way, do not come from a family linked to the fashion.

His first workshop?

He was born in Vitoria, my ground. Later I met Luis Devota in a fair in Barcelona, we begin working together and there arose the first collection of Devotee and Lomba.

His formation in the design: how is it constructed …?

In the tailoring that is from which I proceed and is undoubtedly the most strict discipline of the textile sector. Then I was forming in textile skills like designing, dressmaking, etc. I have a big influence of Balenciaga, which was a craftsman expert in the office, and simultaneously of enormous creative power. I, since it was doing Balenciaga, have the capacity and the knowledge of doing a suit from the beginning up to the end. I know perfectly the topic and all my team, as soon as designing, it is formed by me. For which I always say that in this world nobody can cheat me in this office.

You are the President of the Creators' Association of the Fashion of Spain. Has this association covered the goals that were proposed in his beginning?

Very well, it has initiated them and also, the projects are arising. The world is changeable, the fashion is changeable and the society evolves and new needs are created, with which the Association has to be evolving continuously.

In the Association: are all the big fashionable designers of Spain?

It is opened for the whole world, it is not a sectorial association, and I am useful to say that, all those ones who had criticized us of the above mentioned, never requested to belong to the Association. Anyway we think that the Association has to grow of a natural form, not forced nor pressed. It started with five designers and in these moments we are thirty the professionals that we are her part. Obviously our sector does not agglutinate thousands of professionals, we are small and we will always be a limited group.

What minimums are needed to belong to the Association?

The requirements are rather small. We ask for a presentation of the work, of the project of each one of those who should want to present themselves, request two godparents of the Association and do not ask for “account of results”. Obviously our end like association of designers' marks, is that our philosophy is understood and they have patience great.

Does it transport many headaches to be a president?

Some, but I must admit that there is with me a luxurious executive group, Roberto Torreta like vice-president, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada as treasurer and Jesus del Pozo like secretary. So I have pleasure in presiding at this association with a few magnificent companions, that we do not lose the elegance like persons, although being conscious that our market is very competitive.

What is the field of the fashion that he likes in a special way?

We have thirty products in the street, what means to be a businessman in different sectors. But ours is to keep on growing because in addition to the contribution that we make economic, social and of growth to this country, the diversity and possibilities that a mark or a design gives, being employed at different sectors, it is rich and turns out to be very interesting to promote it and to support it.

The architecture is fundamental in his career: truth?

It is part of our own heart, of our own origins. I remind to you that when Devotee and Lomba was founded 22 years ago, I did it with Luis Devota who was an architect. At our team it keeps on being employed – already 17 years ago - Felipe Santamaría, who is an architect. With this I want to say to you that we have always taken a big passion as the architecture, as the volume … everything in our work has an architectural vision, thing that is reflected very well in our collections.

What is his inspiration source?

My inspiration source is the daily work. We always want to transmit a collection with personality for those that perceive our fashion, our work. To gather a little the demand of this public, of this society in which we are immersed.

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