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For: Maria Candela
Josefina Figueras signing copies
M. León / To. Locking / J. Figueras / And. Loewe
M. León / J. Figueras / And. Loewe / To. Locking
E. Loewe / To. Locking
A nourished group of readership of our magazine and excited of the fashion appointment happened last Wednesday in the Cultural Club Zayas to be present at the presentation of the book “Fashion and Values. The challenge of the new thing” a new initiative of the association “Fashion, University and Company”. The book has been written by the journalist Josefina Figueras, asmoda director in collaboration with a group of editors and collaborators of this magazine. “Fashion and Values” is a homage to the Spanish designers and she wants to serve like starting point for the reflection on the fashion and his link with the society and the culture.
The presentation of “Fashion and Values” was provided with a few godparents of the first category. Enrique Loewe, president of the Foundation Loewe, Ann Locking, designer and Maria León, Director of Communication of Pedro del Hierro.

Ann Locking, told that the soul of the fashion, beyond the pledge, is “the identity of each one” and that's why the designer thinks important that each one “should form his own opinion” at the time of dressing”. Maria León has a blog in where he thinks about tendencies and questions of actuality. Maria congratulated the authoress of the book because “it has had art great”. “The world of the fashion seems superficial, but Josefina has joined fashion and values” it added.

Enrique Loewe, whose surname has been linked during generations to the fashion and the luxury, told that “the fashion if it does not have value, who has value they are the persons”. In his opinion, "the people nowadays have no criterion on fashion because he lacks necessary cultural baggage and the formation to have a dialogue, to reflect”. “To love the fashion, it is necessary to know it, because it does not love itself what is not known” Loewe added.

As Josefina Figueras explained, the fashion finds in a moment of change: "the fashion-victim” has disappeared of the map” and the “designers are already not stars shut up in towers of ivory” “Perhaps now one does not speak much of elegance, but every time the creativity is more important”, added the journalist. East is precisely the “challenge of the new thing” about which he speaks the book in his title.

“Fashion and Values” he gathers about 30 interviews with Spanish designers of the first line. These interviews allow to the reader to appear to the soul of the creators and know his opinion about the fashion, the conception that they have on his work or his professional trajectory. The second part of the book extracts afloat 25 articles that bring us over to the vision that the experts have of the fashion, from the different slopes like the anthropology, the sociology, the ecology etc. There remains reflected the spirit that he has always accompanied to our magazine: not only to report on fashion, but to be also an opinion focus.

“The fashion penetrates borders”. With these words Ann Locking wanted to conclude his intervention in the presentation of “Fashion and Values”. The challenge of the new thing”. Asmoda has already obtained it.

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