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For: Josefina Figueras
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Elio Berhanyer
Ágatha Ruíz de la Prada
Roberto Torreta
Adolfo Domínguez
Purification García
Important news! The book has gone out to the light “FASHION AND VALUES. The challenge of the new thing” that gathers several topics appeared in our magazine along his existence. It is a question of one "Face to face" with interviews and testimonies of the first figures of the fashion and “25 points of view”, articles about Opinion prepared by journalists and collaborating writers of The book is dedicated especially to all the subscribers and friends that you follow us, month a month, across the magazine. Do acquire it. You will like!

From his first numbers his personal vision of the fashion has transmitted you. We think that the digital press, over his procedures that look first of all for the informative rapidity, is a vehicle of ideas, of reflection and of culture and we have tried, along with the most top information about collections, image and tendencies, to offer you a vision of the fashion in accordance with his social influence, and his aftereffect in the life styles that hide under the frivolity of his appearance.

The book, “Fashion and Valores” carefully edited by EIUNSA, gathers several meetings with those that form the "present" of the fashion in our country that they have spoken with our live editors and with the heart in the hand of his professional itinerary, of his human personality, of his achievements, of his opinions and of what is and must be the fashion. We contact this way designers of the size of Elio Berhanyer, Adolfo Dominguez, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Purification García, Roberto Torretta and so many people others of the first magnitude inside the panorama of the current fashion.

The second part of the book tackles the task of extracting afloat the innumerable connotations that the fashion has. A series of journalists and writers expresses his personal vision on his values and more controversial aspects, his difficult relation with the advertizing means, his ecological and social commitment, his anthropological slope, the unmistakable signs of the real elegance and the absurdities of the luxury of the hypermodern age.

In “Fashion and values: the challenge of the new thing” you will find the topics and personages who more have stood out in our magazine and who so much have contributed to his expansion and diffusion. As publisher of the book, for which I have been provided with the magnificent collaboration of several editors and collaborators of, I recommend to you his reading. In spite of the marvels of the digital press the value of the book continues in an out-standing plane and the pleasure of spending his pages is something that is still part of the "luxuries" of our epoch. You can find “Fashion and values: the challenge of the new thing” in your habitual bookstore or for Internet Ah! And to recommend to you that it can be a gift impactante for your friends keen of the fashion.

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