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For: José F. Serra
Olive Juanjo
Miguel Palacio
Antonio Pernas
Angel Schlesser
Roberto Torreta
Elio Berhanyer
Antonio Pernas
Elio Berhanyer
The holidays approach … it is necessary to give a return to the closet to restore or to update the sets dedicated to these “more special” days that pass along with the family or the friends. He bets for a new look between the possibilities that offer the different footbridges. New coloring, unusual textures and classic or bolder combinations. The fashion is more and more optional to offer to us the pleasure of choosing.
THE SATEEN is the woven king of the holidays. But not only for the night suits. We it find also in blouses haberdashers and in suits for different hours of the day. A garment of short sateen combined with dense averages turns into a set much llevable and simultaneously much "fashion".

MIX OF TEXTILES AND COLORS The uniformity is not fashionable. There are imposed the miscellanies of textiles and of colors. Cloths of dull aspect with others of brilliant aspect, bold combinations of colors and two incombustible chromatic miscellanies target - black and red - black. To neutralize the force of a red garment nothing better than a few black averages.

PETITE STEALS NOIR”. The black suit is a fund of closet that never fails. To give him a modern air it is possible to incorporate a wide lacquer belt also black or a color sash, a corset years 80 or a few details of jewels or of glazing swaroski.

THE BLACK PANTS are an eternal joker. His ideal couple is the white blouse. The skirt pipe, below the knee, also black woman, this year does a fierce competition to him. They are allied by the unshakable delight of the white blouse. They can join also with another pledge “star“ of the period, the tuxedo, which can take for the night and also for the day. The white, more classic or more sophisticated blouse, it is the one that marks the difference.

IF THE PANTS ARE CHOSEN it is necessary to remember that the cigaret, although they have not disappeared, they are in frank decline and in his place the pants become strong strongly with tweezers. The leggins it is necessary to discard them.

THE TOUCHES OF COLOR. Not the whole panorama will be so black. There are colors that triumph in the new period:el resided, the fuchsia, the green and the colors of the fruits of the forest get in the panorama of the Christmas fashion. Also the orange, although his force resides especially in the accessories: the orange touch of a few gloves or a few shoes provides his vitalist force to garments and sets of black or gray color. The purple one can play also like ideal complement.

FAREWELL TO THE MONOCROMATISMO. For the holiday suits it is appealed often to the effect I degraded, as that covers the scale of gray beginning for gray pearl or of pearly effects.

THE GARMENT IS KING DE THE PERIOD. For the day it has carved them and without sleeves, style years 60. Others on the other hand center his attention on the sleeves that acquire a new volume. For the night there triumph the fluid cloths that allow the pronounced waist, the flight in the skirts and the drapeados.

GOLD AND SILVER Keep on imposing his brilliant force. The technological textiles are his best Allied Forces. But also they are mixed more discreetly in some embroideries or in wall lights “art deco”.

SKINS OF LONG HAIR. There are the last thing but they do not have to be necessary in natural skin. The synthetic leathers are one of the must of the period. And following the tendency "mix" different skins are mixed in the same set.

OTHER DETAILS OF SUCCESS. The long gloves, the shoes of living tones with platform, the belts, even for the overcoats, the abstract or multicultural patterns, the asymmetric necklines for the night, and the adornments of pens and of fringe to give a sophistication touch to the winter.

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