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La Rioja is born Style
For: Writing ASMODA
Francis Montesinos
In moments of crisis the best ideas arise and this is one of them: the companies riojanas together with the designers of the Creators' Association of the Fashion Of Spain - Angel Schlesser, David Delfin, Devotee and Lomba, Juan Duyos, Francis Montesinos and Roberto Torretta - have joined his forces facing the future by means of the merger of the design, the innovation and the avant-garde.

From this form it has arisen “the Rioja Style” that joins to the sector vinícola-wine vaults, which furniture is the principal factor, with other sectors like those of the footwear, tourism, metal and textile, between others that shape the managerial reality of the Rioja. The initiative has been promoted by the Businessmen's Federation of the Rioja and supported by the Government of this autonomy with the Creators' collaboration of Fashion of Spain, ACME.

La Rioja Style sets off of studying the market of the companies as well as the work of the taking part designers deciding that designer is most adapted to work jointly with a company determined according to his work, his image of mark and the productive and commercial possibilities of the company. So the final product stems from three props on which the initiative rests: the company, which contributes technical office, the fashionable designer who contributes creativity and marks and the team of direction “Strategy and Managerial Innovation” that contributes the technical consultancy.
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