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For: José F. Serra
Marc Jacobs
Guillermina Baeza
Oscar de la Renta
Michael Kors
The thermometer rises and we are on the point of giving the welcome to the summer. There approach days of beach and of swimming pool and it is necessary to be right with the suitable look. The swimsuit appears in the best footbridges and the designers struggle to impregnate it with the last proposals of the fashion. The accessories also count and the pareos, mini-garments to game, the caftans and loose blouses conspire so that you find your own style. Quite with the fresh and modern air of a plethoric summer of water and of the sun.
The style "navy" with his traditional colors gives life to the swimsuits to streaks and he is one of the summer favorites. The heyday of the tankinis they allow the combination of the braguita in smooth and the T-shirt to streaks. Also the blue color, from the sailor to the turquoise, is considered to be one of the most solid bets together with the coral, the white person, the black and the metallized ones. The game of the asymmetries, so present in the current fashion, gives life to one of the favorite proposals: the swim suit with only one shoulder. Also they dominate the necklines halter, the gatherings, and: how not? the bonds and the rings in the neckline.

On these general lines the signatures have centred his own creations. Guillermina Baeza, the designer of the yellow swimsuit that appears in our front, is praised by all kinds of asymmetries and by the living colors: red, blue, purple and for the adornment 1: the bonds. Also we find the stamp of Guillermina Baeza in his collaboration in the creations of Hoss Intropia, who send us to the glamor of the 50s with a very stylish and sophisticated line in which the big and very feminine bonds abound and the seaworthy air becomes present in the blue ones of all the scales.

The summer and the beach they do not also resign from the black color that returns strongly. Many designers remember that never fashionable raisin and it is elegant also in the beach. It is one of the favorite colors in the collection of Victoria's Secret.

One of the innovations of the “flat fashion” it has been offered to us by Marc Jacobs who has presented for the first time a swimsuits collection inside his juvenile line with models entertained with ingenuous patterns with white and red fish and adornments of frills. The black has been the color chosen for one of his models most applauded with the coloristic touch of a red bond on the shoulder. And along with the black they dominate the target, the coral, the navy blue one and the electrical blue.

Some designers are praised by the colors combinations in contrast with geometry fits as it is the case of the Dominican Oscar de la Renta and the Spaniard Kina Fernández. Other marks, more specializing, since Gottex presents very fresh patterns in yellow green tones and turquoises with pareos and caftans of the same pattern. It signs up to the black and white patterns with some tankinis that combine the smooth one with the pattern. Silver comes also to the combination of the white person and the black and to the adornment of the rings in the neckline or in the suspenders

As soon as it was elected the swimsuit it is necessary to deal with the complements that will give life to the set. Here your good taste will do the rest to turn out to be dazzling in the beach or in the swimming pool.
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