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For: Marosa Mountain-dweller
65 has been celebrated in Valencia ediciòn of the International Fair of the Infantile Fashion. To compete with Asia the sector has reacted offering even more quality and extra cost. One of his principal bets has been the healthy and favoring textiles of the well-being.
More than 7.000 professionals of the infantile fashion, almost the practical totality of the census of specializing shops and 247 signatures exhibitors national-166 and 81 foreigners, proceeding ones from Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, the USA, France, Greece, Holland, India, England, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland - constitute the signs of identity of the present and future of FIMI.

This 65 FIMI edition has developed with a clear target: the starting of a series of actions directed to the points of sale, principal visitors of this international contest between whom they have emphasized the celebration of a workshop of window dressing and the achievement of a test of autodiagnosis. Everything is small to improve the business.

On the Footbridge FIMI, whose scenery was a representation of the building Stay awake And Vents of Cup America, has paraded the collections of the signatures Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Baby, AKR Kids, Laranjinha, Lourdes, Mini to Ture, Bread with Chocolate, Blond Kids, Tuc Tuc and Tutto Piccolo. The bath collections in footbridge, presented under the name Splash! those of DC will be Kids, Marina Hernández and Oh Soleil. In this summer edition, the collections of ceremony and pledge also Barcarole, Paqui Barroso and Ann Mª Remesal have informed in the footbridge Magic Day in charge of the signatures – Boogie-woogie Boogie-woogie.

And as golden brooch the “Award to the innovation” released in this edition of the Fair that has received the signature Cri Cri on having presented the application in bodies and babies' clothes of the properties of hydration and antibacterial power; every year in FIMI they improve the competitiveness, the technologies top and the innovative capacity of the sector.
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