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Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada
Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada
Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada
There has appeared in Madrid and Barcelona the book “Agatha Ruiz de la Prada“, written by the journalist Dolors Massot, acts at which the proper designer was present. It is a question of the first one of the works that constitute a new collection on “Culture and Fashion”, of the publishing house EUNSA.

The first presentation of the book was in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid, supported by the journalist Luis Mª Ansón. Agatha came with a red garment with a big silver half moon and admitted that he has not read the book because it is to him difficult turn to herself across the eyes of another person. Massot, which covered the fashionable topics in the newspaper ABC during the Ansón stage, remembered that he accepted the EUNSA proposal without blinking and how Agatha Ruiz de la Prada facilitated his work to him at all times, inviting her, even, to happen with her a few days in his farm. 

The second presentation took place in the auditorium of Caixa Forum of Barcelona, crammed with public, where the designer has exhibited one day. Although of Madrid, he remembered his kinship with Eusebio Güell and the years in which he lived in the Barcelona. The presentation ran in charge of the teacher of the IESE, Pedro Nueno, with whom a big friendship joins him.

The work of Dolors Massot, in addition to revealing biographical episodes on which the creator had never declared herself, contributes a wide study on his life and his work beyond the world of the fashion: his aristocratic origins, his struggle for the marchioness's title of Castelldosrius and his relation with the power, his love for the color and the volume, his relation with Pop Art, the Abstract Expressionism and the Surrealism. She confesses herself: "When I was in Paris and saw the exhibition “They années Pop” in the Pompidou, I said to myself “I am the daughter of Pop” and during an epoch he was saying “Pop, I am pop”.

As reports Dolors Massot in his book, at present Agatha has already spent these stages and today he feels with proper personality. But although he likes more the abstract thing that the figurative thing, his designs are not understood without the Schiaparelli fuchsia, “the lip of the surrealists, and the heart”.

Massot remembers in his book the difficulties of the beginning and his first parade in the years of the Action of Madrid, somewhere near 1981. But if a milestone exists in the evolution of the mark Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, it has been his spectacular growth between 2000 and 2008. As she recognizes herself, the incorporation of Fernando Aguirre like general manager of the company has marked one earlier and one later. The managerial strategy is faced at present very much more abroad than to Spain; specifically in the United States it supports ties with the Latin colony. Although it has paraded in Paris, at once he chose for Milan like footbridge and there it is where it opened shop and office.
His designs are unmistakable: his hearts, moons and flowers in intense colors are reproduced not only in garments but also in jewels, perfumes, articles about stationery, even blue bed clothes and. A holding that generates only for royalties more than 3 million and a half euros a year.
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