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For: José F. Serra
Imaginative and coloristic esthetics take possession of the fashion for the bath. This year the entire swimsuit sticks loudly and gives samples of an extraordinary versatility: elegant, monochrome, two-color, retro, ethnic, fluorescent... The designers have incorporated it into his collections together with caftantes, pareos and accessories of last generation: Quite to point for the long-awaited holidays!
Design and creativity are two strong points that bring in in game in the fashion bath 2007. Swimsuits with cuts very studied and woven in those who take control of the lycra, the polyamide or the elastina assure a stylized line and a big freedom of movements that will love to more sports lance thrusts and to which they choose for the healthy beauty that the last tendencies mark. The necklines halter and the necklines “T-shirt“ continue in the first line and a more sober and sports style in smooth tones or in geometric contrasts, it alternates with the fantasy of the adornments with closings with rings, stones applications of colors, gilded and up to spangles, frills or crystal blemishes.

Versace bets for the black white person and the the of contrast unbeatable the two-color and for swimsuits. In the Spanish fashion we find the two-color tendency in some models of Antonio Pernas that combine the yellow one with the black and the blue with the target. Miriam Ocariz looks for the romantic tone of the small frills.

Hermes has thrown a very sober but elegant bath line by means of monochrome swimsuits in white person, black or tones of the ground with the sophisticated belts touch with golden wall lights. The pareos present floral drawings or a "look" wild animal. Good-looking Moschino for the small spots and Center Armani has been praised by the black with details in target. Missoni inclines for the African patterns and Ungaro adorns his swim suits with spectacular sheens. Gucci presents pareos of gauze of tones cake

The accessories look also for a big leading role. The purses and the bassinets are very big. They are in raffia, golden or silver many or of transparent plastic that forces to have order and concert between all the thousands of objects that we take inside and that stay in view of the public. Partial acquittance belts and set, sandals with high wedges, necklaces of big balls and the bracelets in colors fluorine, orange or electrical blue... Everything to give a tone of beauty and spectacular nature to the fashion on the sand. Happy holidays!
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