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For: Josefina Figueras
Dolors Massot
Josefina Figueras
Maria Teresa Russo
Rosa Fité
During the 9th and 10th of March the Seminar has been celebrated in Rome “Management of the identity in the organization of events of Fashion” in the one that there have informed associations of Italy, England, Spain and some Spanish-American countries. Our Association “Fashion University and Company” has taken part actively in this Seminar informing about the development of his activities especially the celebration of the International Congress of Fashion CIM 2008 and the future plans of

This interesting Seminar, which has been celebrated in the classrooms of the Pontifical University of the Santa Cruz of Rome, has been organized by Attex, a Consultancy directed to offer professional advice to companies and generating institutions of a cultural value in the ambience of the life styles, which is provided with a chuster of more than 100 organizations placed in different countries of the world.

The seminar has gone principally to the reflection on the identity, image and communicative strategy of those institutions that have the mission to contribute humanistic and cultural value to the sector fashion. Inside the interesting developed program D. José Mª La Porte, Vicedean of the faculty of Communication of the University, it gave two conferences on the Institutional Communication and the Management in the fashionable events. “The communication – he said in one of his interventions - and the diffusion of ideas is some connatural to the society from his origins. The institutions interaction and you present yourself in a society, the benefit society influences, it will be positive or negative depending on those who interact between themselves. What it makes positive or negative an institutional communication is the identity of the institution and the values that it defends, the message that transmits, the way in which it does it and the purpose”.

“To do fashion, to do culture: desfíos current “there is the topic of the conference given by Maria Teresa Russo a teacher of Anthropology of the University Campus Bio Médico of Rome. He explained that if the fashion does not contain if a well definite message the communication remains empty. “The authentic creators of fashion he said - it are always faced in communicating a well certain "idea", which becomes a life style (the woman - romantic, the pleasant life, the new foppishness, etc.) that those who are present at the parades detect and interpret.

“Nevertheless - he kept on saying - the "idea" o “theory“ should not leave aside the fact that the fashionable creator deals with dressing a human body, which is a declaration of a personal intimacy. There is a risk: to forget that the human body is a neither mere lust nor a consistency simulacrum. To recover the centrality of the body represents then an urgent challenge, to avoid so much the risk of the eroticism as of the estheticism”. It pointed out also that another challenge is the reflection on the notion itself of “professionalism“ in a fashionable creator who is the taste for the well made work and also the cultivation of the personal ëthos.

Other interventions of big interest were those of Rosa Maria Fité of IESE Bussines School: “How to contribute more value?” and that of Dolors Massot, Director of Posgrado in Communication of Fashion and Tendencies of Universitat Internacional of Catalunya, who spoke about the relation with the mass media before the celebration of fashionable events. There closed the Seminar a Panel of Experiences in which different Associations communicated his experiences and his achievements and that gave idea of the multiple activities and events that can develop across the fashion.

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