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For: Josefina Figueras
Kina Fernández
To obtain the difficult balance between design and management has been one of the keys of the success of Kina Fernández. It is defined if the same as a person who likes living intensely, much worker, unconformist and who always wants to come to more. It is in the orbit of the Galician designers who so much weigh in the Spanish fashion. His designs, which look for a classic elegance, with creative and refined details, draw deeply into the current woman.
Kina receives me in the wide cellars of his shop of Madrid of the Street Claudio Coello, during one of his last escapes to Madrid. The interview is almost “to duo” because his daughter Maria, who designs already together with Kina, intervenes several times in the interview. But, there is no problem because the chord is perfect.

How and when there were his first contacts with the fashion?
Paris was the city that woke up my interest in the fashion. Since you know the Galicians we are emigrant for nature, many leave to America. I also wanted to go out, see world and learn and I decided on Paris. Tapeworm only 18 years. Already in the school where he was studying in Orense I demonstrated my love for the seam, and also along with my grandmother that the linen was working, that's why Paris was attracting me so much. My father at first was opposed but in the end I convinced him. I left, obtained work from the beginning and every time I was getting more into the world of the fashion. I learned very much in this epoch.

I believe that his family has had to do very much with his career: How did they influence his trajectory?
I returned to already married Spain and with a daughter and my husband and I we decide to settle in A Coruna because it was a city that we liked very much. We did not have a five-peseta coin because I to Paris had not gone to gain money but to learn, but my parents and my in-laws threw a hand to us to begin this first business. At first it was selling mark things: perfumes, handkerchiefs, portfolios, but since I am very anxious I realized that this was very little. Then I began going to Paris every three months to buy clothes to sell it in the shop but it was very complicated I saw that the people liked my designs, began making and... so far we have come.

Now he designs together with his daughter Maria: is it easy to work “to duo” or does each one have her own line definite?
Each one has his head and his different tastes but at the same time we have a unit in what it is the spirit and the philosophy of the mark and the things that we design they can say that in fact it is the whole Kina Fernandez. Also my daughter has lived greatly through the ambience of the house, from kidling it was coming to the factory with me. We have a big mutual understanding in our work

How would it define the style Kina Fernández?
A feminine, a little sophisticated style. Avant-garde is not modern but neither it is superclassic. In my collections there is always a search, an innovation. I give a big importance to the textiles. I like dressing the urban woman in practical pledges of pure, very natural lines. My fashion speaks to a feminine, elegant woman and who has a very active life.

How is his next collection for spring - summer?
Everything is based on color and more color. The collection is inspired in the emotional expressionism of the painter Emil Nolde with his palette of intense colors: deep blue, orange, ocher, green, nude. We have based on his pictures of flowers of a big expressive force with a few very spring patterns. It is an optimistic collection to make the life happy in the middle of not very good news with which we come across every day. The silhouette is marked by games tweezers and sometimes we decorate it with colors knots as brooches. I would say that it is sophisticated and elegant.

The tendencies that always announce every period to themselves send us to previous decades: influences of the 70s, of the 80s …: is it that there is no enough inspiration to have always to resort to last epochs?
The fact is that the fashion is one it continued going and coming. Also there are epochs and very important names like Chanel, Dior that are constant references because in the fund the people are classic. The fashion nevertheless happens less rapid than the designers we want and we want. We are always moved forward in forms and colors but the client of on foot does not go so quickly and they force you that you brake yourself, especially if you have behind a company …

Does not it turn out to be complicated to have to design so in the long term? for example the winter has not even started and lists must already have the collection for spring – summer: Is it possible that the designers coincide with a few certain tendencies?
It turns out to be the most complicated. Earlier éranos less and it was easier but in fact each one does what he wants, there are no previous agreements, if perhaps it is a copies question. The system of the copies continues but the designers are much more independent, some are inspired by topics retro, others in some certain country ó, by the culture, there is of everything. The magazines since they have to refill pages group for topics and then the different styles appear: the military man, the retro, the oriental one. …

But it seems that there are determined designers those who mark definitely the fashion …
If, there are the strongest economically those that more they mark, not because there are more a fashion but because his models publish the magazines more and it is what comes to the people, what comes to the street as fashion. The “prompt fashion” copies these big designers, they take it to the public and it turns into fashion

Vd. as Galician has taken part in the boom of the fashion in Gallicia. Even the Government of this Community granted in 1998 the Castelao medal to him and in 2004 the award “Gallicia in feminine of creation:” Will he be considered to be a prophet in his ground not?
If, that my fashion pleases very much in Gallicia and they have always supported me. There is a very good relation also between the Galician designers although the majority they are more industrial, mine is more handmade. There are collections that are thought like product more that for footbridge, but that is not bad, it is different. I always very much center on what I like and if I do not like personally it does not enter the collection, because I think fundamentally about the woman who is going to take it, but am unable to throw it

What are his immediate projects?
It is not the best moment for projects, but let's hope that the crisis should happen soon, I believe that also great May of psychosis at the time of reproaching for buying, but I continue with my target to open shops. The first one is this of Madrid that I opened it already eleven years ago, I have tried later with exemption but it has not worked. I realize very well that our future is to open proper shops. And in that we are.

What pieces would it indicate like indispensable for this winter?
The overcoat is indispensable, I cut and urban, with a modern touch and in natural textiles, the garment also considered it to be essential, a free American with pants cigaret, shoes of high heel with platform …

What advices would it give to a woman to be elegant?
That I bought in Kina Fernandez (he laughs) very well, seriously, that costs more to buy few things and good.

Or to that the quality must give priority on the quantity
If, and this not only in the fashion but in everything what surrounds it: in his house, in his accessories, in his furniture in his china …
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