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For: Patricia Sañes
It does weeks it was having dinner with a group of friends. We all seated ones about the table were chatting animatedly when someone, accidentally, suggested me a new topic to write. He spoke about normality. And then I said to him: but what is “the normal thing”? Who stipulates it?
Many people adopt the social conventions like “the normal thing”, others take refuge in the rebelliousness as his daily custom, some of them shut themselves up in a political ideology as the only possible route for this normality. And we are great – for not saying all - that we are victims of a normality imposed by the fashions that we even ignore. Have you ever wondered why now is the mini the car that more takes? So because it pleases: And why does it please? Because the big strategists of the commerce and the communication have managed to become fashionable a car that he answers to the requisites that there demands the Treaty of Kioto, this agreement that tries to fight a temperatures climate blindly ascending through the fault of the emission of harmful gases. Let's admit that many we have fallen down in this sudden fascination for the mini. And the same happens with so many other things that the fashion has managed to strain in our lives without we us realizing, turning it into the most normal of the world.

It is clear that the fashion does not always go for free, but he surrenders to the social needs and evolves with them. Continuing with the same example, we verify that the mini adapts itself to the needs of an urban, rapid, busy woman and with thousands of hanging negotiations . A small car will improve his daily dynamics.

But keep on questioning what is “the normal thing” and I have come to the conclusion that the normality does not exist like universal concept, but yes like specific concept because each one establishes his own normality first of all, of what he lives in his family from his infancy. The family, like the first agent of socialization, is also the first factor that stipulates the normality in the life of a person. As we are growing and on the familiar base, we are giving form to a normality that defines us and distinguishes like individuals. Irremediably the fashion will accompany to all this process establishing models and rules that will determine our way of perceiving the world.

I do not agree with that the fashion is the empire of the ephemeral thing. I belong to those who defend the permanence of many fashions that have turned into customs and icons of beauty and style that come to our days like indisputable models. There is not any more that to verify the constant return of past fashions that posicionan like the must have of the period. To take a garment sesentero is more fashion of this autumn. And is the fashion senile? It it will not be so much when tendencies of the past tread strongly in the century on XXl again.

We ignore it, but even more old-fashioned is a fruit of fashions that there mark the society and the culture to which it belongs. The fashion defines us. Fashion is a footbridge, expiration and superficiality; but fashion is also a permanence and IDENTITY. And it is precisely this particular identity what establishes the normality for each one.
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