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For: José F. Serra
Anne Valerie Hash
Francis Montesinos
Ángel Schlesser
Alma Aguilar
Miriam Ocáriz
Not only the blood falters with the spring, the fashion does not resist to the delight of the new station either. The tendencies spring - summer assault the closets with new proposals according to the days of the sun and with the vitalist tone of the nature. Sign up the new looks that remove colors and styles, they suggest revivals of the past and show us futurist visions. Quite according to the cánones that mark the footbridges that later you will be able to select in accordance with your personal style.
THE VOLUME INCREASES. The silhouette presents an increase of volume that it is necessary to be able to balance. The shallows triumph abullonados in the skirts, the sleeves win in dimension, the shoulder pads make way for themselves again and the waisted waists play at controlling the tendency.

RAIN OF FLOWERS. The garments and the blouses fill with patterns of flowers of all the colors and sizes. Big flowers or delicate patterns liberty that there play of marvel with the style hippie and certain air of the 70s that dominates in some sectors of the fashion. The flowers climb up also in the hairdos and turn into an adaptable accessory to many situations

IT GAINS THE GARMENT. Indisputable protagonist of the fashion of this spring - summer the garment presents before himself of different forms: feminine, light surrounded by wide corseletes or belts of contrast, style draper, style tunic smooth or pattern. For the night it signs up to lighter cloths like the gauze, the muslin or the point of silk.

COLORS AND CONTRASTS. The vital colors continue in the first line.: fuchsia, orange, blue overseas and the indisputable victory of the yellow luminous and round one for the garments especially the night ones. The colors contrasts show infinite possibilities and some of them break molds: fuchsia - orange, pink - red, beige - yellow. Another tendency centers on the pale, pink tones, beige, color makeup …

WHITE PERSON AND BLACK. It continues like the duo of more success for the summer. Although the entire target also is very valued it joins the black often to form couple. The options are diverse: white jacket – a key piece with pants or black skirt, black tailors with white blouse, edged white garments of black, stamped two-color, some the Op art of the 60s remembering, black buttons or belt on suit or white jacket. In some patterns the triumphant duo allows the entry of a third color: the yellow one.

THE SILVER IS IMPOSED. Although the gold continues of actuality the silver he has conquered him for points with his cold resplendence that provides to the fashion a futurist touch. The silver shines in the daytime and also at night. It does very good crumbs with the technological textiles, the vinyl, the metal and the mesh. 

OTHER WINNERS. Other styles filter also in the fashion: the colonial one with African cultures fits, and the memory of the 40s with skirts to half a leg and waisted jackets. The oriental style interferes by means of tunics and caftans.

DETAILS IN RISE. The asymmetric necklines triumph, those of form of heart (style years 40). Profusion of drapeados and of belts and corseletes. The pants are wide and with high waist. For the night and for the big occasions adornments of pens as that we saw in the blue suit of Penélope Cruz the night of the Oscars.

ACCESSORIES VIP. Colors shoes with high wedges, or completely planes, silver ballerinas, belts with inlaid stones, flowers and bonds like adornments I number one, big sunglasses and of pasta, portfolios with stones incrustations, cloth purses with floral patterns.

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