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For: Josefina Figueras
Hope Aguirre
Hillary Riva (BFC)
Diane von Fürstenberg (CFDA)
Raffaella Curiel
“We do not want the anorexia in our footbridges. We want healthy models.” This way of forceful there was expressing to herself the president of the Community of Madrid, Hope Aguirre, during the presentation in the Real House of Post office of 48 edition of the Footbridge Cibeles that already has a new name “Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week”. It showed that it was following in foot the commitment to spread a healthy image of the models who parade and that kept on being a norm of forced fulfillment, as it happens already from September, 2006, that the models have a corporal mass concerning 18.
This initiative, in which the footbridge of Madrid has been pioneering, was continued at first by other international fashion shows but lately a certain defeat sensation is evident in some ambiences, as if the struggle directed to eradicate the anorexia had not soaked through the sufficient thing. What are the reactions of the professional associations in any countries keys of the fashion?

Hillary Riva, executive director of the “British Council of Fashion” (BFC), was explaining recently in a letter the difficulties which the models were meeting to be able to preserve the healthy state and a few measurements and a weight that were not appearing below the minimally established thing. His reasons were quite weak. He was adducing like one of the motives the absence of time of these girls, who had to obtain a medical certificate that was endorsing his good health and this was meaning to dedicate a few hours to reviews and control panel and also, they had to pay for it.

Paris there is posicionado in his struggle against the anorexia with a series of slightly concrete considerations based on the image of the body as instrument of work, indicating that it had to reinforce the position of the women, especially if they are age minors, with examinations of work and other measurements to avoid any declaration that could be understood like apology of the anorexia.

The Council of Fashion of America” (CFDA) has presented a list of recommendations for the health, like leaving out of the footbridges the models younger than 16 years and without leaving that 18-year-old minors are employed at fashionable meetings spent the midnight. Also they indicate that the models with problems of nutritive habits will have a professional help and during the models passes the meals and the catering they should be healthy for them. The CFDA emphasizes nevertheless that he wants only to act on the education and responsibility of the models but in no regular way nor to value the health or the corporal mass to be able to work. They affirm that the nutritive disorders are emotional, psychological disorders and of behavior with multiple social and physical declarations and the weight of the models is one of them.

Italy re-opened the debate after the decision of the designer Raffaella Curiel, one of the participants in the Week of the Fashion of Rome, of dismissing 15 models and defended his position alleging that the stylists work with the size 42 while the agencies order models of the size 38 ó 36. The decision was an applause motive for some sectors like the “Italian Movement of parents” which president, Rita Munizzi, showed to the local media that the alarm thrown by Curiel is the umpteenth demonstration of that “the very thin models are a serious problem in the world of the fashion”

All these reactions demonstrate that the problem is still latent and that the world of the fashion tries to avoid responsibilities. It is true that the fashion cannot be considered to be the only "culprit" and that the anorexia is a psychological transtorno that finds an area paid between the young people with slightly solid moral beginning and with a force of slightly cultivated will, but the enormous power one cannot minusvalorar mediático of the fashion and his influence in the image and life styles. We keep on seeing very often in some footbridges of the whole world models with an excessive thinness, with absence of expression in the look without traslucir no type of feeling and with makeups that accentuate his sickly aspect.

In an epoch as ours in which the health is a superquoted good it turns out to be a paradox that the footbridges do not bet unanimamente for showing to the world of the fashion a few "healthy" messages, a happiness of living. That's why we applaud the firm position of the footbridge of Madrid facing with real and concrete facts to this illness of so tragic consequences: the anorexia.
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