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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Emidio Tucci
Emidio Tucci
Emidio Tucci
Emidio Tucci
Emidio Tucci
Also they have ahead a happy and vitalist station. What there is this spring - summer in the masculine fashion it turns concerning three very pronounced aspects, which undoubtedly triumph this year: the seaworthy look, the return to the Italian classicism of the 50s and the traveling - sports style. We have seen these tendencies in the new and exquisite collection of spring - summer of the designer milanés Emidio Tucci, that good-looking period after period for the serviceability, the flexibility and the naturalness in the textiles, without never forgetting the good taste and the everlasting elegance of the classic thing. The Italian signature is commercialized of exclusive form in El Corte Ingles.

Celebrities as Carl Lewis, Sylvester Stallone, Andy García and George Clooney have led some of the advertizing campaigns of Emidio Tucci, like symbols of the man who knows what he wants and what loves the distinction and the serviceability. They would take, without doubting it, the tendencies that this new period marks.

· Navy Look
The seaworthy style is always on good terms with the summer. The colors that more it it represents are the red one, the target and the navy blue one, especially in streaks poles, with shorts or lengths, accompanied by blazers and cárdigans. The cotton in the poles and pants and the jerséis of thread they turn into the perfect materials. As essential complements, the silk shawls to the neck, the nautical type wearing shoes in target and the sunglasses.

· Dolce Vita
A comeback to glamorous Gregory Peck of “Holidays in Rome” with elegant and fresh suits of linen and cotton, in clear tones and perfect cut: straight pants without tweezers and structured jackets of three buttons with gaps or without them. This Italian air of the 50s outcrops also in the touch of the details and complements, in which the excess remains an exile even in the sober tones ties ground and browns, of streaks or smooth. For the most established by protocol occasions, dark suits of exquisite classicism with tie in silk of thin streaks in tones pastries.

· Sophisticated touch
For the nights, nevertheless, yes the most bold looks are allowed, combining the black, the white person and the navy blue one, in suits with or without tie and shirts of fantasy. Shoes and belts of soft skin and silk shawl in the pocket of the jacket, like detail of distinction.

· Sport and adventure
For the moments of free time, the shorts to the knee, with returns, and cocktail with shirts of pictures or of streaks, is the most comfortable thing. Shoe moccasin and Saharan or thread huntresses, on sweters of streaks with neck to the box or in peak. The tones that they order are the beiges, ocres and yellow with garnet touches and dark blue. The best complements are the cravats of silk or thin thread, as well as the essential sunglasses and the cotton hats.

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