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Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera is synonymous of style and beauty. Although certainly the economic crisis that suffers the planet is evident in all the classes, this global recession does not seem to affect the Venezuelan designer in his sleep for providing the safety woman, elegance and attraction, very necessary notes in the times that they cover.
In this ambience, Carolina Herrera presented in New York a light and very feminine collection with frills in the shape of flowers applied in an asymmetric way accentuating the silhouette. His proposal spring – accompanied on shoes of Manolo Blahnik - has been based more than anything on designs for ceremony and cocktail, with ethereal and elegant garments and sets of blouse and skirt, with profusion of silk and marked style. He did not forget any day, elegant, but simpler sets, with the pants as pledge covers with stars. The wealth in the worn out natural textiles in brocade, gauze or gazar, included them also for some day pledges. And the fact is that Carolina Herrera preaches with the example. Before being recognized like a magnificent designer, it was applauded because it was dressing marvelously well. His suits - uniforms of pants and skirts with waisted blazers have turned into the whole outstanding figure of the most chic thing.

Carolina Herrera has always showed his love for the garments evasé to the knee, length certainly that she considers to be the most elegant. In this spring 2009 he has invited to put the emphasis on the pronounced waists, shoulders on his place, airy skirts with frills and sobrefaldas of gauze, mixing stamped type tweed with flowers, volatile blouses with creases, wide belts of flaw, embroideries of strass and metallic applications in silver and copper.

The pants that sound proposes tobilleros and exact, very high of waist, accompanied on a few straight and short jackets with a vague air toreador and revers tuxedo of gauze. The jackets, certainly, it extracted them several times accompanying light night garments, as if there were a complement added spontaneously by a supposed chivalrous accompanist.

The colors palette is very happy for the day: living, yellow and white geranium. For the night the tones are darkened and there uses the gray, the blue and the black, and the miscellany of white person and black, to what it has given him enough leading role. But also there is some night garment in brilliant tone scarlet cloth, yellow or blue, with metallic fantasy applications. It has given him also a lot of importance to the necklines, with volume profusion in bonds and frills.

His collections ready-to-wear have had a spectacular echo in the North American society, but also increasingly out of our borders. Recently, in the delivery of the Awards Goya to the Spanish movies, our actress Bethlehem Rolls it showed a magnificent night suit of this collection realized in white gauze with silver embroideries in shoulders and waist.

Carolina Herrera was nominated in 2004 the Designer of Feminine Fashion of the Year, and last year 2008 all his career was recognized to the prestigious Award was granted Geoffrey Beene. Not for it he fell asleep in the kudos: on the following day of the ceremony of delivery of the award it was presenting this collection for the spring 2009.
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