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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren
Sounds of cymbals and flutes, the sand of the desert, gold, the exotic luxury of a jaima, the adventure of the thousand and nights. Very present all this in a spring - summer collection, in which Ralph Lauren has turned his look to the millennial Arab culture renewed with a touch vintage to the style “Casablanca“.
Nothing more distant to this magic world that the footbridge of the urban New York. But this way it is the fashion and Ralph Lauren has bet for free and soft pledges and effects gilded everywhere. The complements of jewels of filigree, the reign of the hat and the Moorish turban and the sandals of bracelet, they rounded the collection.

Two definite styles
As for styles, in the collection of Ralph Lauren we could have appreciated two differentiated lines, with pledges much ponibles both. One, which we might call western, with dressed years 30, of evasé line and suits of two pieces like a borsalino; another line is the most exotic, with reminiscences of the desert and of African oases. Two tendencies that they combine perfectly, with extracted adventurous elements of the movies of Indiana Jones, like the hats, the purses bandolier and type canteen, the double belts and the sandals with bracelet peep toe.

Sateen plenty
The colors of Lauren's proposal it includes the raw, beige tones, the whole scale of browns, targets, khakis and greenish. And many, many pledges gilded in blouses, pants, purses, cravats, turbans, jackets, belts... The black, for the night, combined also with golden touches and bronze. Nothing of patterns, in any case textiles of metallic mesh or of brocade.

Pants "aladino"
The blouses and the pants were the real protagonists. Blouses of lamé, sateen or silk, brilliant and releases, wide shirts with pockets and trabillas type safari. The skirts, to the knee or I joust superficially, of straight line or evasé. Very wide and free, exact spectacular pants to the hip with belts, with the shot in the knee or bloomers to the ankle, type Aladino; but also of tweezers, high places of waist and of straight fall up to the ankle with returns. The jackets, of linen and cotton, masculinized, waisted and long. Golden huntresses combined with shorts. Caps, ties and knots. Garments there were few ones and only for the night, smooth in black or white person realized in rich textiles of brocade and gasas pleated. Some spectacular designs were seen also fourreau of lamé gilding.

In short, a varied collection, with pledges comfortable and lasting, full of exoticism and perfectly combinables between themselves. One of the values of the proposal of Ralph Lauren was his stimulus so that we recover these pledges "forgotten" in the closet.

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