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Snoopy in Fashion
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Snoopy in Fashion
Fashion Tours 2007
They have paraded the footbridges of the latter months much more than the new collections 2008. The debate on the woman's model that some designers propose has caught fire for a provocative image of a campaign against the anorexia led by a model who suffers the illness …
Of Fashion Week of New York, although replete of "celebrities" of the big screen, a less elitist fashionable concept has come to us and more united. In the same edition in which Ralph Lauren has commemorated his 40 years in the sector with sales of almost 4.000 million dollars during the last year, there took place an unusual parade of a group of the most important designers for a charitable cause. There appeared a collection of clothes inspired by the creator of Snoopy, Charles Schultz, who is auctioned in the biggest center of buy and Internet sale, eBay.

The motive? Sponsored by the international signature of insurances MetLife the funds will destine to “Dress for Success” an organization without lucre fortitude dedicated to improve the life of the women across an employment that makes them autosufficient. Doing honor to the name of the ONG “It Dresses for the success”, and to the purest American pragmatism, provides from a suit to obtain work, up to formation for the professional development or like combining the labor and familiar life.

To the assembly of the Fifth Avenue, 46 edition of the Footbridge of Madrid Cibeles trod on the heels in bringing the fashion over to the street. There was declaring his director, Cuca Solana, that Ifema, organizer of the contest, has achieved that the fashion lives through Madrid not only with the Footbridge Cibeles but with other initiatives. Fashion Tours, a support project to the commerce, the organization of round tables, exhibitions or to create the footbridge for which they parade the new promises of the Spanish design - the Ego of Cibeles - are some declarations of a more nearby fashion. Also Pretty Sun porch has taken a decision with which he has wanted to humanize as far as possible to the footbridge from the last year: to control the corporal mass of his models it fitting to the index 18 recommended by the WHO and to eliminate the makeup of gaunt effect. Between the models submitted to the medical control the designers choose those who better fit to the spirit of his collection, or to the woman's model that they want to transmit.

The attention mediática turned aside towards Milan with the always polemic publicity of the Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani. The one that did of Benetton a provocative image, this time has thrown “Non-anorexia“, the campaign where it has posed an anorexic model undresses with only 31 kilos in weight. It is significant that after the photographer was defending that the same poison must turn into antidote - “the mass media, the fashion are guilty, that's why it seems very interesting to me that a clothes mark takes conscience of his role” - there is who like the who Giorgio Armani consider “opportune and just” this campaign to dissuade against the anorexia.

The announcement has re-opened of the debate: is to show skeletons of "challenging" look risky for the patients of this food disorder? This way a good number of the affected ones has shown it, medical associations and even publicists who do not believe that the good end justifies the "raw" means that are used to reach it.

The Spanish authoress of the biography “! Today I have decided to stop eating!” Cristina Trilla or the Association for the Study and the Investigation on the Anorexia in Italy, between others, coincide in pointing out that the anorexic ones are not going to recognize in the photo a sick person, but everything opposite: they can feel envy of this extreme thinness. “The best serious campaign to capture healthy images, to teach to eat well” he was declaring immediately after polemic Susana Monereo taken charge of the control of weight of the models of the footbridge Cibeles. And, in particular, it is a question of creating fashion, on foot of street, to the service of the person whose satisfaction goes beyond feeling physically good.
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