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A walk at the edge of the sea, this is the sensation that is perceived after there approach the tendencies for this period Spring - summer 2008 prepared by the international office of style of design and search of tendencies Promostyl that we saw in the summer edition of FIMI, the International Fair of Infantile and Juvenile Fashion of Valencia. A homage and a memory a 50s and 60s.
The first one of these tendencies, "Preppy Rockabilly", supposes the return of the coordinated pledges and the silhouettes in look whole of color in pledges fitted to the body. For the child, an orientation clean and graphic that extolls the return to these golden decades. A style that works the classic codes cheered up by a current rockabilly. All this in a scale refreshing "sherbet" that gives importance to the green menthol ones and to the return of violet.

As for the textiles, 100 % predominates over the cotton, the point died like the piqué tennis, the mike jacquards, the patterns tie or the chiné gray. The shirt returns to scene, a big importance is granted to the elegant shirtings and the chambrays. The lonetas and the denim redden. The mole mini or maxi does a hollow to himself.

The shallows are shy and are rather exact: mike short rectum, pants pirate or straight jean in version color. Return of the shirt in version 2 in 1: t-shirt + false shirt - sleeve shirt cuts to moles. Importance of the jerseys of point with the round neck.

In the second one of the proposals, "summer Walk", the baby's pledges base on a style summer farm, make happy for his patterns and his palette of living and flowery colors, with the yellow one as color covers with stars. Pledges inspired by the workwear and basic type grandfather or retro. As for the coloring, big return of the yellow button of gold, more intense when fuchsia and a violet one gets together with pink, and calmed when it is accompanied by a neutral gray.

The textiles and patterns protagonists are the cottons cheered up with worn out streaks, plumettis, flat flowers style years 70, big pictures type Madrás, embroideries or not. Importance of the cottons jacquards
monochrome, illuminated for the yellow tone. The accent puts itself in the wildness of the mixed, smooth linens and with big pictures. The denim applied in the pledges workwear, is a gray blue.

The forms mix the basic retro, type “grandfather“ with the volumes more workwear. T-shirt or camisita with Tunisian strip, vest, pants with the waist the other way round, short with suspenders and dressed bib. For the big pledges, the overcoat / overcoat one works. The forms ball are accentuated by tweezers and pleat hollows.

The third tendency offers us Along with Mar Pastel, for the baby, seaworthy motives that mix the classic seaworthy style and the romanticism of the English embroideries. The drawings in tie and dye, type conches, are stamped to combine with the streaks or the laces. A light ambience to enjoy in full summer inside a colors harmony sand and water. The soft tonalities of the diluted pastries, lightly past, they work with an impeccable target.

The poplins cheer up with microdrawings like bluish minuscule stones, gofradas, or present with thin streaks type to him shirt or mike jacquards. The point is thin and flat, with soft streaks or small openworks. They predominate over the English embroideries, which they work like finished or in mass, dyeings or patterns. The tie and dye imitates the traces of the conches and accentuates the aquatic ambience of the patterns.

For the girls, the basic point sailors are renewed by the combination of the English embroideries, in finished or in mass. For the children, the loneta pants are more a type guttersnipe with pockets works and pleat that are adorned by located embroideries, like conches.
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