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For: Josefina Figueras
From asmoda Happy Christmas!
The year that it finishes finishes off his days with a singular holiday: Christmas. It is necessary to leave aside the thunderclouds of the crisis to submerge directly in the human warmth that wraps the most familiar and affectionate holiday of the year. Around us we see her reflected in the adornments that arise in streets and squares: nativity scenes, trees, hearts and the Christmas resplendence of one of the symbols of major openwork: the stars. “If the stars go down to look at him, behind every star it travels an angel” the poet Luis Rosales was writing. From we want to wish all our readership and readers one: HAPPY CHRISTMAS!
Nine million bulbs shine for the streets of Madrid, from November 28 East year 160 areas have been illuminated in the capital of Spain using ecological lamps that will allow a considerable saving. The artists, the designers, have put his art to the service of the Christmas lighting. Roberto Torreta is the creator of the flakes of snow and balls destined for the Street Ortega and Gasset. In other streets they emphasize curtains of light that move to the caprice of the wind and in others a mountains profile succession.

Christmas is the holiday of the light. Before Christ's birth in the pagan society the date was celebrated of December 25 like “the birth of the sun” considered like the victory of the sun on the longest night of the year. The Jewish calendar was marking on December 25 as the holiday of the lights “The people that was walking in darkness saw a big light, they were inhabiting shades grounds and a light they shone” the prophet Isaías says. The Christian liturgy revalued the aspect of light that it has this day to express visibly the lighting obtained by Jesus's birth therefore from ancient there interfered the habit of lighting fires in the night of Christmas. The extraordinary system of illumination that takes place in these days, the lights that shine in villages and cities has his origin in this custom.

Lights time and gifts time … The shade of the crisis that threatens the familiar economy translates for itself in the surveys that they inform that this year the Spanish will hold the pocket at the time of his Christmas buys, which will be more prudent and will avoid the consumer impulses and the caprices. It is imposed therefore to look for gifts with imagination, which are not burdensome but capable of demonstrating the fondness of the one that does it to the person who receives it. From we suggest you an original and useful gift: Why do not you give to your friends a subscription to our magazine and notify it to him along with your Christmas congratulation? Every month, on having received our newsletter, they will remember from that, thanks to you, they receive a punctual information about fashion and tendencies.

The year that closes but, especially the year that comes already to forced marches, they invite us to look at the future. In we have many plans and projects. This year has been the International Congress of Fashion the one that has centred our attention, but the ideas and the projects keep on flowing of the hand of your requests and suggestions: What would look like to you a book that was gathering the interviews to so many designers of the first line as we have done throughout two years of existence of the magazine and of the articles about fund that have been raising hundreds of interesting topics? The fashion gives a lot of game and it will keep on giving it in the future … Everything will be walked, at the moment our principal target is to wish you all some: Happy Holidays!
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