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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Maria León / Photographs of: Ignacio Conradi
Maria León / Photographs of: Sylvia Polakov
Maria León / Photographs of: Ignacio Conradi
Blonde, clear eyes, without a makeup pinch. He does not need it for his youth, and because it has one of these smooth and transparent skins. He speaks small, and a light seseo denotes that it is Sevillian. Maria León expert in Fashion, Public relations and Fashion design, makes début like adviser of the Blog of ASMODA, “The blog of Maria León”, which you can find to depart in this month in every number online from our magazine.

We speak in a calm snack bar of the quarter of Salamanca of Madrid. It wears a suit of jacket and pants in Zara black, with a simple white blouse and a silver pendant. Big purse in black lacquer – “it is of a good mark, my mother gave it to me for Christmas”, he says - and the sports entertaining some of basketball red with brilliant pailletes, which it teaches me extracting the foot of under the table.

Maria León is 27 years old and is Licensed in Environmental sciences by the University Pablo de Olavide of Seville; but the life, as she says, has taken it for other courses. From very young, he combined his studies with fashion design works in the field of the fashion and the public relations, so, when it finished the career, one came to Madrid. It tells us things of his trajectory.

“I have been employed at Reply four years, and I still keep on collaborating with them. In Reply I took the accounts of Victorio and Luccino, Celine and Ruinart, both of the group L.V.M.H. I have devoted myself to organize all kinds of events and presentations for these marks, and for many others like L'Oreal, Montblanc, Louis Vuitton, Chopard, Lamarthe. One day I have taken the clothes of Victorio and Luccino, but, as mistakenly it has been said, I have not been his image. I was also one year in Los Angeles (United States) realizing fashion design works”.

- At what are you employed in these moments?
Now I work – and hardly - how freelance. I have just signed a contract with The Grooves Village to realize services of consultancy of image and public relations and to be the Ambassadress of this important commercial and business nucleus.

- Will you keep on working like personnel shopper?
I prefer to define me as an image assessor, concept much wider than that of “personnel shopper”. I am opened for other projects that I can make compatible with my work in The Grooves Village. I practised like image assessor when I was in Reply, where they were coming you present yourself to look for orientation on what outfit to go to be present at a certain event. I was advising them in everything related to the suit, the makeup, hairstyle, hairdo, etc. I like very much the personal fashion design: to advise on how to combine the pledges so that they do not tarnish because of a complement elected evil or of an inappropriate hairstyle. This way, it was taking care not only of the image of the person but of the designs or marks that they were showing.

- for that it is necessary to find persons who are docile, because there will be others that have a definite style or the clear ideas...
I would never advise any person against his tastes or his style, but yes it is necessary to adapt the elegance like belonging to each one.

- And what is the elegance?
The elegance is, first of all, to be sure of one herself and like that any thing is shown by style. It influences, obviously, that you have a good closet fund so that in any moment you could find things without fear of being wrong. Secondly, elegance is to be able to dress appropriately in every occasion. With a very extremist example, it is not the same to go to a holiday than to extract the dog. This is something more difficult, but the experience usually gives the criterion. Important it is to dress correctly, according to where you go and what are going to do. Certainly, a good “fund of closet” must have a garment of cocktail, T-shirts, a cowboy, a white shirt...

- Is it necessary to have money to be elegant?
No, although the truth is that the money always helps. A person who has less resources that other one, it can be arranged perfectly if he is well glad and can combine. Perhaps it has less clothes quantity, but of good quality. For example, in the topic of the jewels: now there is a beautiful costume jewelry. I, that I cannot be allowed to buy to myself jewels, usually acquire design costume jewelry.

- How would you define your style?
In the daytime, I like combining sober clothes with some showy color detail: a few shoes, a nice purse, a special belt. Quite very simple, but always with some touch that one is out of the ordinary. I like the serviceability and soil to take flat shoe. At night, I prefer the high heel and the elegance of a good design, a little sexy, which instigator does not mean, I do not like that.

- Do you have marks or favorite shops?
I am not a marks follower, but yes I like using, for example, some complement of mark, like some good purse, but it does not mean that it could not take a Zara purse if I like. According to my age, I look for good but modern and entertaining things, and can obtain that also in a flea market... I know that I have to be fine, but I do not look for my wardrobe exclusively in the big luxurious marks, but in what is of my style and can afford. Of course, every period I renew some pledge.

- Do you usually mix styles?
I, for my work, concentrate very much on how the people are dressed by the street, how it mixes. Sometimes it is impressive to see what class can be had by a girl who simply can combine. To go from feet to head of only one luxurious mark does not seem synonymous to me of elegance either.

- Do you sign up to the fashionable tendencies?
I do not belong to those who continue tendencies because yes and because it is fashionable. For example, I do not like at all the transparences or the platform shoes. That, although it is very fashionable, I would not put it to myself for anything. The first thing, the fact is that I like this pledge and then I use it if I see it opportune. To go to the fashion does not mean that it is necessary to continue blindly a tendency how, for example now, the dizziness heels, but it is possible to be also marvelous with a flat boot...

- Do you buy to made shot or search?
I make use very much of my walks because I have to be much on the day of what there is in the street. I, Madrid, have to know it to myself from end to tail, have to know the innovations of the shops and visit them regularly. This way, I am always informed to be able to advise on what there is nice one in such a place, what not, etc. When I buy clothes for me, I realize very well what I want and what I like. Not whenever “I go out of shops” I buy, but I observe and compare.

- Do you remain much given to the actuality of the fashion? What do you think about the Spanish design?
Certainly, I continue the footbridges very closely. Of the Spanish fashion there are designers who seem very good to me and others not so much. I was in the pass of the collection of Miguel Palacio, of which I liked very much the garments of cocktail and the belts. Also I liked Lidia Delgado, and the details of color of his suits of holiday. The problem of the footbridge in general is that the proposals are then very difficult to lead to the street. It is rather a fashion - spectacle, that it is not possible to put anyone. Of the international fashion there are designers that I love: Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel...

- About what are you going to speak in “The Blog of Maria León”?
I am going to touch things basically related to the fashion, but following the spirit of the Association Fashion, University and Company, that is to say, I will tackle also cultural topics and will comment on all those events related to the art, trips or exhibitions to those that he should have to assist, to share them with the ASMODA readership. I want to use a direct and simple tone, which comes well to the whole world.

- you that you have advised so many well-known people: is he going to suppose a challenge to advise to persons that you do not meet in “The Blog of Maria León”?
It looks like to me a challenge, but I love. I hope that there should be many questions and comments about innovation, fashion design, combination of complements and creativity. I am filled with enthusiasm by this section of ASMODA and by the idea of being useful to many people.

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