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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Ann Locking / Donates Ines Enamorada
Jesus del Pozo / Farnace
Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada / The Silly Lady
Francis Montesinos / Mrs Urraca
Devotee and Lomba / La Bella Aurora
Miguel Palacio / House of Cistercian Dawn
For ages, the fashion and the movies, and the fashion and the theater, have been closely close. The work of the figurinista and creator of the wardrobe, it has constituted one of the props of the dramatic and operatic work that is exhibited before the public, together with the scenery and the lighting. Now and until May 22, it is possible to contemplate these two worlds, that of the fashionable design and that of the theater, in an interesting Exhibition located in the neoclassic lounges of the Spanish Theater, of Madrid, ancient lot of a corral of comedies of times of Felipe II.
The Exhibition “The fashion and the outstanding figures” assembles 28 garments of the 35 that were created definitely for the past edition of the International Festival of Classic Theater of Almagro who, also, organized a parade devoted to the Woman in the Theater, where there appeared five designs designed by seven of our most renowned fashionable creators, some of them already with extensive experience in dressing the stage: Elio Berhanyer, Jesus del Pozo, Modesto Lomba, Ann Locking, Francis Montesinos, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Miguel Palacio.

The Exhibition is thought to show the narrowest relation between fashion and theater, and it was brought over to the big public made fond or not of the theater, with these only pieces created from the poems of Caldron of the Boat, by Lope de Vega, Fernando de Rojas, Guillén de Castro, Federico García Lorca, Joaquín Gaztambide and Antonio Vivaldi. It shows the garments that there would show personages as Mrs Inés of “The Gentleman of Olmedo”, Melibea of “La Celestina“, Mrs Ángela of “The Lady Poltergeist”, nise of “The Silly Lady”, Diana of “The Dog of the Market gardener” or the feminine personages of “The House of Cistercian Dawn”, between others.

Without losing the proper style of every designer and with a contemporary image, the outfits realized with silks, cottons, velvets and twills, have not lost nevertheless, the recreation of the ambiences of the golden Century, of the Baroque or of the rustic Spain of the beginning of the XXth century, like either the characters of the personages for which they have been created.

Like curiosity, three of the designers-Berhanyer, Lomba and Wild - they have realized suits for the same personage, Diana, of The Dog of the Market gardener, re-interpreting each one to his way the character of the fickle and passional Countess of Belflor. Wild, with a recreation in red gauze; Lomba, with an impeccable design in gray with metallic sheens, and Berhanyer, with a splendid garment in black of more traditional court.

The sample is organized by the National museum of the Theater (INAEM-Ministerio of Culture).
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