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For: Josefina Figueras
Miguel Palacio
Miguel Palacio
Miguel Palacio
Miguel Palacio
Miguel Palacio
His collection spring - summer takes the dressed one as a principal protagonist. Miguel Palacio has created an imaginative collection but ponible. Games of volumes and a silhouette of marked but narrow shoulder pads and with certain oriental air. The waist is marked by wide corseletes and belts - jewels with embroideries. An elegant, urban collection and of elaborate style that fits to the motto of the designer “to Look for the perfection of the clothes as something natural”
The black color has in the collection an important position together with the sailor but Palace plays also with the magic of the pink stick for some suits of fluid cloths especially for the night. Neither any models are missing in red and one of his favorite contrasts; the white person and the black.

The garments, the big protagonists, are of air minimalista broken only by the subtle barroquismo of the wide belts - jewels. Some of them take a detail that is never missing in the Palace collections: the bonds, although more children are this time and limit themselves to adorning the shoulders of some garments or the neck of some blouse. The sets of skirts up to the knee and tight jackets take narrow belts. There combine the white person and the black or rose and the sailor.

As alternative to the leading role of the short garments the pants appear in a version of oriental influence, more wide at the top and become closer in under. They accompany themselves of fluid blouses. For the night the long garments choose also cloths superflown with shallows of unequal length and drapeados very well built. In this occasion Palace has surprised with some garments patterns of vibrant colorings.

In the whole collection it appears once again the targets of this designer who is to be over the tendencies that are imposed in every moment with his most personal weapon: an elegant design and the impeccable finished some who are born of a deep knowledge of the seam.

Miguel Palacio has obtained important awards as the T of Telva, the Prix of the Fashion Marie Claire or the Award Woman to the best designer. “I look that the fashion has a utility - asegura-que there are many people to whom it provides a pleasure, which can be more esthetic or a functional definitive.En, which there is a certain group of the people who values it, who appreciates it and who wants to have it”

The work of this designer is based especially on a young and modern interpretation of the classic seam. His style can classify inside the "Demi-couture" something like High fashion adapted to every day. The eccentric details do not abound between his models but he bets for a way of dressing elegant and urban that speaks to a woman who can appreciate the well made pledges, your new collection spring - summer 2010 fits perfectly to these canons.
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