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Teresa Helbig
Teresa Helbig
Teresa Helbig
Teresa Helbig
Teresa Helbig
Teresa Helbig
Teresa Helbig gives the jump to the capital for a few days – without leaving his workshop of Barcelona, city that elevated it - to parade in Cibeles. The footbridge of Madrid will be a witness of his good taste, finished perfect and an exquisite laboriousness. Woody Allen realized already it when there rolled Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona; and it dressed his actresses in the designs created by Helbig. Nearby and the nicest he speaks to us about this new opportunity.
Why did you decide to go to Cibeles?
For us the Spanish market is very important and we believe that from Madrid we will have a better access and major aftereffect. Cibeles also means a recognition to our work.

And do you already will not parade again in Barcelona?
We do not discard it. We are very grateful to 080 Barcelona Fashion, since the opportunity has given to us us to begin announcing. Although we are not in 080 we keep on working with the organization of the Fashion in Barcelona and Catalonia, since they are supporting very much to the sector.

How is the collection that you will present in Cibeles?
The new collection will be much inside the line Teresa Helbig, or, feminine super garments, with designing, dressmaking and very elegant details. Limited garments editions atemporales for women who want to feel exclusive interviews, elegant and special.
The beginnings

When did you decide to devote yourself to the fashion?
I started in the world of the fashion across the window dressing in the 80s. I have always enjoyed combining colors, mixing textures, giving life and reinventing the shop window every period. But my incursion in the design happened by chance. A friend of mine, who has a shop in Madrid, married and, as it happens to most of the women, did not know what to put myself. So I him began turning to the imagination and making my own garment resorting to the material and to the means of the workshop of seam of my mother. The result was a garment with 800 pens that caused sensation in the wedding. My friend and his partner of the shop, also my friend, cheered me up to which he was designing a small collection with eleven pledges that they would be in charge of selling. The garments were commercialized very well and, since then, I have not already stopped.

But also you design fiancée's garments.
The fiancée's collection arose later. My friends were asking me to design the garment to them for the day of his wedding and, little by little, I dared with the wedding suits.

And is it very difficult to make you a name and a group of clients in the competitive world of the design?
Every day we are doing things and you do not have the sensation that you have come to any place. There are many years of a lot of work.

What is your inspiration?
Every period drinks from a different history. You get soaked in what you see around you and it thrills you, from exhibitions of art up to icons of the fashion, although it is a creative process from which different ideas are arising.

Your philosophy is that of creating the only piece with finished perfect. Are you considered to be an artisan of the fashion?
Our premise is that the textiles are of very good quality. Sometimes even we create the cloth so that it is more exclusive and a craftsman. We flee of the serial production.

Another feature typical of your designs is to highlight the femininity of the woman.
Everything is superfeminine, that does not have because to mark, but always with a very chic touch, much woman. If you give him a glance to the collection you will meet skirts and garments, but scarcely there are pants.

What are your designers favorite?
Balmain and Alexander McQueen.

And have your designs already attracted to the flashes of the red carpet?
We dress Ivana Baquero (the girl of The labyrinth of the faun) in the ceremony of the Oscars, the Goya and the Festival of Cannes of 2007. Also we have dressed the actresses Leonor Walting and Of the district of the Macarena Gómez.

And if you had to choose a celebrity that was taking your designs?
Kate Moss and of the Spaniards, Maribel Verdú. Although I like dressing everybody, because they all can be nice and with style.
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