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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
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The textiles, the suits, the garments are plastically much sugerentes like material manipulable and derivative towards a few conceptual artistic pieces. Hélène Picard, French artist placed in Spain for a decade has presented a surprising exhibition of sculptures and paintings – practically facilities - in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid.
“I try to relate art and seam like two means of expression of our interior world, across the color, the form, the line and the matter”, the authoress declares on having presented his works, “fruit of several years of investigation on the expressive capacities of the garment and the spatial dynamics of the painting”.

“I want to underline the plastic aspect that possesses a suit on having been presented along with pictures, without it losing his pledge quality, and on the other hand to give to the painting a spatial and theatrical dimension by means of the three-dimensional and poetical connection that the suits offer. This way I believe an explanatory set, where paintings and suits develop between themselves plastic and narrative relations”, adds the authoress.

Andrés Carretero, the director of the Museum of the Suit declares that “the presence of the suit allows to the spectator to be identified by a familiar object, and enter little by little the explanatory set as a three-dimensional painting, where the colors of the suits join those of the pictures and where there are created a few fictions in which the suits look like personages who have escaped of the linen. This way, the spectator can weave his own history and penetrate into the body itself of the work”.

In the exhibition there are pieces sugerentes, forceful, sobrecogedoras. A beautiful sequence that of Suit transformista; curious the Sight of the workshop; sculptural the Suit module; delicate the diptych The yellow garment” of painting and suit; impressive the Garment of religious woman - mantis; expressive the Suit of coleopterous man; spectacular the man - caterpillar Overcoat or Dressed in woman - butterfly.

A singular, very visual, playful, three-dimensional exhibition. Javier Rubio Nomblot emphasizes that the authoress “solves with skill the dialectics in the formal plane, on having accentuated the existing difference between plane and volume” and “his continuous allusion to the metamorphosis that crosses cardinalmente his works”.

The Museum of the suit is carrying out singular exhibitions in the high rooms of the building, where he makes to write the clothing in dialogue form with other artistic declarations. A garment, two experiences, of Concha Mayordomo – previous exhibition - was a singular staging of the manipulation and dramatization of a wedding dress in the two-dimensional support of the picture. The sample was coinciding with the big exhibition Women of target, which has been visited by almost two hundred thousand spectators and which takes place in the big rooms to soil evenness. 

© Helene Picard. Frameworks. Painting and suit. Museum of the Suit. CIPE / Photographers: Helene Picard y Cuauhtli Gutiérrez.
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